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Installing Minerva Worktops (and gold sinks!)

Now, you may recall from my last post on the kitchen that things hadn't been going so well on the kitchen worktops. My installer had flaked on me and we'd decided to just attempt to do the work ourselves. As we'd never fitted a worktop before, never mind an acrylic...

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My Minerva Worktops (And The Story So Far…)

**UPDATE!** Click here to see the worktops installed / Click here for how we finished the joins / Click here for the finished kitchen / Click here for how our worktops are holding up one year on So I promised an update on the kitchen this week and whilst it's not as...

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Nailing Down Plans for the Kitchen

Aside from some shiny new accessories and a little DIY, I haven't really talked much about the kitchen recently despite it being on my 'hit list' for the year. The last time I really talked about my plans was in September when I was in two minds about going with a...

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Glam DIY Bread Bin and My New Ruffoni Jars

I know that there is no such thing as a 'glamorous' bread bin. I know this because I tried to find one and failed miserably. Perhaps bread isn't sexy enough to warrant fabulous storage - it has very rustic roots in tradition and craft. It's not the kind of thing one...

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Pretty Utility: Gorgeous Gold Utensils

Long before the KonMari Method of tidying exploded on the scene, William Morris actually gave us a famously succinct rule that essentially encapsulated the entire ethos of her book. He said, "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to...

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Framing Postcards as Art

Now please know I'm not going to patronise you with a proper how-to on this one. In fact, it's not really a how-to at all, it's just me sharing because ya know, I'm a blogger and therefore am naturally AN OVERSHARER*. *It's okay, I'm not going to tell you about any...

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My new DIY Brass and Glass Kitchen Pendants!

Eeeek! Oh my god, I am so excited. As you know, I've been looking at replacing my kitchen lighting for probably - I don't even know - two years? More? It's been a while. The problem was that I kept seeing these gorgeous brass lights that were just completely out of...

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Getting Warmer: Adding some wood touches to the kitchen

One of my initial fears of having a white kitchen and then deciding against going for wood worktops (lots of discussion about my reasons for this in this post) was that the kitchen would end up lacking warmth. White cupboards, dark slate flooring and white walls could...

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What is wrong with my kitchen (and the plans to fix it)

I know for all intents and purposes, the kitchen as it is right now is functional - no, not DONE per se, but functional in that it's definitely in a 'useable condition'. In pictures, it looks more 'done' than it actually is but that's the nature of photography...

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