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One Year On: How Our Minerva Worktops Are Holding Up

It's been almost exactly a year since we revealed our new kitchen. And I think for the last year, I receive an email at least once a week* from someone contemplating Minerva worktops, asking me how mine are holding up, whether I'd recommend them, if they've been at...

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Kitchen Remodel – All the Sources!

So as promised, I thought I'd do a quick post sharing as much as I possibly can in terms of where I purchased all the things for our kitchen remodel! As you know, we didn't start from scratch and simply worked with what we had so not everything will be currently...

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My new black appliances from

First, I just wanted to say how overwhelmed I was by the response on the kitchen remodel post! I'm so pleased so many of you seemed to like it and thank you all for the lovely comments!! If you haven't seen it yet, you can check that out here. I wanted to share a...

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The REVEAL of our Black White and Gold Kitchen

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to share our kitchen reveal with you today. We have essentially been working on our kitchen on and off for 6 years and until, well, about a week or so ago, it's never truly been finished. The reasons for this are as long...

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Painting our Kitchen Cupboards Black

I know I'm well overdue for an update on the kitchen and I can't tell you how many people have asked when the reveal will be! I know, I'm impatient too. Wayne has been working on the cupboard doors and upstands in fits and starts simply due to the fact he has to take...

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How to Join Minerva Acrylic Worktops

So the last you saw the kitchen, we had happily completed all the cutting we needed to do on the Carrara marble effect acrylic worktops from Minerva. Wayne did an awesome job of cutting out the sink and installing the tap as well (so screw you, Craig!) so all that was...

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Pretty Utility: New Bits for the Kitchen!

So I was hoping to share the final worktops this week on the blog but alas, we didn't get quite as far on them as we'd hoped. All the pieces are now cut to size and sort of just 'resting' on the cupboards but we still need to do all the joining work so that'll be next...

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Installing Minerva Worktops (and gold sinks!)

Now, you may recall from my last post on the kitchen that things hadn't been going so well on the kitchen worktops. My installer had flaked on me and we'd decided to just attempt to do the work ourselves. As we'd never fitted a worktop before, never mind an acrylic...

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My Minerva Worktops (And The Story So Far…)

**UPDATE!** Click here to see the worktops installed / Click here for how we finished the joins / Click here for the finished kitchen / Click here for how our worktops are holding up one year on So I promised an update on the kitchen this week and whilst it's not as...

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