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We are actually getting a HEAT WAVE in Manchester at the moment which just never happens and I can’t be sat at my laptop when there is SUN TO BE HAD people.  So this’ll be a quickie.

I figured I’d share a few snaps of my kitchen which I haven’t really posted about for a while.  No huge changes, just a few more gold bits as I try to integrate a sort of mixed metallics look in there to warm up the space.  I still want to get the quartz worktops but we’ve had to set that one aside for a while with the whole bathroom remodel going on so the bit of money we’ve saved for it has been set aside and will be revisited once we can get around to it.

I added my pretty gold vintage plates to the shelves… 

…and decided to display my gold cutlery.  

I was inspired by this picture from Apartment Therapy...

I got these cute mugs recently from Etsy as well that make me smile.  I couldn’t really capture how glittery they were in the sunshine but they are SO SPARKLY.

Apologies for the dark picture, couldn’t really figure out how to take this one with the sun blazing on it.

Just as a sort of trial run, I used my trusty Montana Gold Gold Chrome on the pulls and knobs…

I’d like to replace them with some proper beautiful vintage brass handles in time but for now, it’s a start!

So how’s your week going?  Whatcha think of the gold additions?  Suffering a heat wave or playing in the sunshine?  Do tell…

P.S.  I also wanted to mention in case you missed it that I have a competition going on!!  And if you haven’t entered yet and you live in the US or the UK, well, that’s just plain silly.   £200 worth of Graham and Brown products from the Lawrence Lewellyn-Bowen collection – get on that here

P.P.S.  Google Reader shut down on 1st July!  Don’t miss a thing!  

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