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11th Hour Updates: Bedroom Flooring Reveal!

Our house went on the market officially on Thursday. It's been a bit of a crazy few weeks with lots of trips to the skip (that's the dump for my American readers) and charity shops as well as giving away items to friends and family - turns out living in a house for 7...

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Summer Updates in the Bedroom

It's been a while since I shared my bedroom and as I'd made some little changes here and there to it over the last few months I figured I'd share it with you today. You may remember back in November where I gave the whole space a bit of a boho refresh and I loved it...

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How to Get the Luxury Hotel Look at Home

I had the chance recently to stay at the Ham Yard Hotel in Soho for my birthday. The rooms are luxuriously appointed, designed by Kit Kemp, and I must say, although we only stayed one night, it was a little slice of heaven. There's just something about the way luxury...

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Bedroom Refresh: Calming the Colour!

It's weird how tastes change. Even going back just a few years, my living room was a cacophony of various colours - pinks, yellows, blues, turquoise. And at the time, I really did love it. It made me very happy to have such a bright and joyful space. Then, something...

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My New Gold Glam Light Fixture in the Bedroom

After I revealed the new wardrobes in the bedroom, I shared a sore point that also desperately needed to be addressed. I had removed the previous light fitting that had been too big and subsequently sold it but hadn't decided on a new one to take its place. In my...

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Bedroom Wardrobes Reveal!

So you may be aware that I recently shared a most shameful and embarrassing secret. Whilst I was always happy to share the 'pretty' part of my bedroom, what was lurking on the far wall was anything but "Pinterest-worthy" and it certainly wasn't "swoonworthy" either....

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