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How I’m Phasing the Bedroom Makeover!

So as you probably know, we've recently had some electrical work done where the living room, master bedroom and both hallways were rewired. It's messy work but it's one of those things that is always better to get out of the way before you do any decorating and once...

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11th Hour Updates: Bedroom Flooring Reveal!

Our house went on the market officially on Thursday. It's been a bit of a crazy few weeks with lots of trips to the skip (that's the dump for my American readers) and charity shops as well as giving away items to friends and family - turns out living in a house for 7...

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Summer Updates in the Bedroom

It's been a while since I shared my bedroom and as I'd made some little changes here and there to it over the last few months I figured I'd share it with you today. You may remember back in November where I gave the whole space a bit of a boho refresh and I loved it...

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How to Get the Luxury Hotel Look at Home

I had the chance recently to stay at the Ham Yard Hotel in Soho for my birthday. The rooms are luxuriously appointed, designed by Kit Kemp, and I must say, although we only stayed one night, it was a little slice of heaven. There's just something about the way luxury...

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Bedroom Refresh: Calming the Colour!

It's weird how tastes change. Even going back just a few years, my living room was a cacophony of various colours - pinks, yellows, blues, turquoise. And at the time, I really did love it. It made me very happy to have such a bright and joyful space. Then, something...

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