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Introducing our 1889 Victorian 4 Bedroom Home

We spent years (nearly 8!) doing up our last home on the outskirts of Manchester. In Spring of 2018, we decided to pick up sticks and move to an area that was new to us both – Shrewsbury, about 30 miles outside of Birmingham and the heart of Shropshire in the West Midlands.

Our Victorian home was built in 1889 – she’s a gorgeous old soul with so much potential but having only lived in this house for a short time, we have quite a lot on our list that we’d love to do to bring this old girl back to her glory.

However, I’ve never shied away from having guests around, no matter what state or how far from perfect our home is and so I do the same to you, today. Welcome, I’ll put the kettle on!

Let’s have a look around…

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is the first and only room that we can really say is ‘done’ although there are still a few things I’d love to change eventually. In the summer of 2018, after having extensive electrical work completed, we decided we’d concentrate our efforts on updating this room with a wall mural, paint and a new bed.

See More of the Master Bedroom Here

Living Room

We have much bigger plans for this space but in the meantime, we’ve removed the existing carpeting, put in a new light fitting and installed shutters in 2018 and then painted the room and updated the fireplace in early Spring 2019. Stay tuned – there is a lot in store for this space!

See More of the Living Room Here


While eventually, we would love nothing more than to rip everything out of the existing bathroom and start from fresh, that’s a project that’s fairly low on the priority list. In the meantime, a fresh coat of black paint and a few new accessories breathed new life into the space without blowing the budget.

See More of the Bathroom Here

Dining Room

After realising I could no longer live with the blue walls in this space, I decided on my go-to quick-fix: paint! The room got a fresh coat and everything else was simply what I already owned. However, our plans for the future include knocking through the far wall and creating a lovely open-plan kitchen diner as well as replacing some of the furniture. So lots more in store for in here!

See More of the Dining Room Here

Office & Dressing Room

I have big plans in store for this space but for now, it’s acting as my home office as well as my dressing room. There’s so much to do in here but this is what it’s looking like just for now…

See More of the Office & Dressing Room Here

Vanity & Make Up Room

In between the master bedroom and my office/dressing room is the smallest room in the house and is only accessible from these other rooms. I decided it’d make the perfect spot for a vanity and a place where I get ready for my day. I painted it during the summer of 2018 in a rich rose colour to tie into the other rooms and added a few things to make it a lovely space. 

See More of the Vanity Room Here

The Guest Bedroom

We’ve done very little to this room so far so expect quite a lot to change in the future… let’s just consider these the ‘before’ pictures, shall we?

See More of the Guest Bedroom Here

The Back Garden

We gave this area a bit of a spruce up in the Summer of 2019 with a new patio, deck and firepit area in the back. We still have more plans for this space for the future but it’s a good start! More to come here…

See More of the Garden Here

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