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Moving Diaries Part IV: How We Decided Where To Move!

We were in a very unique position when we decided to sell our home and move out of the area. We don't have children which makes it a lot easier to just pick up and start again - no schools to apply to, no Ofsted reports to fret over, no worries about finishing out a...

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My 5 Must-Try Products from Tarte Cosmetics

I've been a fan of Tarte Cosmetics for nearly 2 years now. Probably around the same time I discovered beauty vloggers on YouTube. And yes, I am slightly addicted to watching makeup artists do their thing, transforming tired or dull skin into illuminated wonders. There...

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12 Ways to Prepare Your Dog for Christmas

You all know how much I love my fur babies. I also love Christmas. While we may love the holiday season and all it brings - decorating, a constant stream of house guests and lots of revelry, music, food and drink - to a pet, this can actually be quite a stressful...

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Cuckooz London: Affordable Apartments for Design Lovers

A few weeks' ago, I attended the Amara Interior Blog Awards, held in London. I travel to London from Manchester fairly frequently and while I try to do the roundtrip (around 5 hours) when and if I can, there are certain times when an overnight stay is a necessity. Of...

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Why I Decided To Get Derma Fillers

I have a feeling this will likely be a pretty divisive post however I hope that you stick with me here even if you are full-on against messing with nature/your face/injectables of any kind. I think when it comes to these kinds of things, it's always incredibly...

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Let’s Talk About Infertility

I opened up a few months' back on an Instagram post about our own struggles with infertility but after a conversation with a fellow sufferer and reading about the media's wholly unrealistic coverage of later life pregnancies, I realised it's something I've never...

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Exploring Skåne, Sweden: Wanås Restaurant Hotel

If there was a way that I could capture the feeling of Wanås Restaurant Hotel - the air, the light, the feeling of complete relaxation - and include that feeling in this post, I would. As it goes, I fear my words will fall flat of just how special this hotel really...

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10 Things Americans Might Find Strange About the UK

So as I mentioned in this post, by the time you read this, my brother will be visiting me from the States. Of course, I'm incredibly excited, having not seen him for nearly 6 years so a reunion is long overdue. After living in England for the last 16 years, however, I...

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