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How to DIY as a Couple (And Not Kill Each Other)

If there is one thing I hear over and over, it's that Wayne and I make a good team. And we do in many ways - we have a similar sense of humour, we like the same sort of films and TV, we have a really similar outlook on life and what it means to get the best out of it...

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How to Start Decorating a Room

Decorating an entire room from scratch can be a bit intimidating. We moved into our home last year and I still haven't decided how each room will be decorated (!) and so I'm just trying to concentrate on one space at a time. But it's easy to get distracted by the...

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7 Must-Have Accessories When Styling Any Space

Having a blog is a funny old thing. It means I can look waaaay back on how I used to style spaces and surfaces and take stock of how far I've come in making a room look complete. I was pretty clueless, let's be honest and some of my earliest attempts at styling were...

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How to Prepare for Overnight Guests

For as much of an introvert as I am, I really do enjoy having friends and family over to stay at our home. Part of it is that I feel a bit more in control of the situation (anxiety tends to rear it's ugly head when I'm in more unfamiliar territory) and part of it is...

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Styling a Colourful Christmas Bar Cart

The following is a paid advertising feature for Boë Gin. If there is one thing I couldn't ever call myself, it's a minimalist. Especially around Christmas time. I like glam and I like sparkles and I like ALL THE GOLD. I'm also partial to a bit of cheery colour...

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6 Decorating Rules You Can Totally Break

Oh yes, there are RULES for everything, aren't there? Even in design and decorating, you will hear plenty of 'rules' that you should probably be following. Many of these are great, don't get me wrong. They keep us from putting artwork too high on a wall or choosing a...

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Date Night Pizza & Beer Table Setting

I actually had no idea what to call this post but the idea came to me when I realised how many good nights my other half and I have shared over the simplest of meals. Of course, we love to explore new restaurants and moving to Shrewsbury has meant we have a whole...

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5 Tips to Make Cleaning Quicker and Easier

If there's one thing that most of us can agree on, it's that cleaning isn't the most fun way to spend your spare time. Believe me, I know this. And yet, when I spend time to really get 'down and dirty' with my home, I tend to fall in love with it all over again....

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Summer Picnic: How to Style It and What to Serve

If there is one thing I absolutely adore about the warmer weather we've been having lately, it's being able to eat alfresco. I'm not sure if it appeals to our primal instincts but enjoying a meal with friends or family in the great outdoors is definitely one of life's...

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