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6 Secrets to Keeping Your Maidenhair Fern Alive

Let's just be clear here, right from the start: I've killed A LOT of Maidenhair Ferns over the past 5 or so years. That doesn't stop me from loving them. Since my very first dalliance with house plants, these little soft delicate beauties have been at the top of my...

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Should You Paint Above The Picture Rail?

Long long ago, back in 2012, I made a massive discovery and decided to share it on my blog after I'd revisited painting my Edwardian Home's living room. This living room had a picture rail - ya know, the bit of moulding that goes around the entire room about a foot...

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23 Ways to Save Money When Updating Your Home

The following is a paid advertising feature for The Post Office. If there's one constant on my blog over the years, it's that I love a bargain and I love being able to save money when I'm doing up my home. I do not have a 'lottery-win' budget and so getting creative...

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How to Style a Bedroom Chest of Drawers

When you consider that our bedrooms are our most intimate spaces - the place we start our days and retreat to before sleep - its a shame that it's one area in our home that we often neglect. And I get it, I really do. It's rarely seen by anyone outside our immediate...

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How to DIY as a Couple (And Not Kill Each Other)

If there is one thing I hear over and over, it's that Wayne and I make a good team. And we do in many ways - we have a similar sense of humour, we like the same sort of films and TV, we have a really similar outlook on life and what it means to get the best out of it...

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How to Start Decorating a Room

Decorating an entire room from scratch can be a bit intimidating. We moved into our home last year and I still haven't decided how each room will be decorated (!) and so I'm just trying to concentrate on one space at a time. But it's easy to get distracted by the...

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7 Must-Have Accessories When Styling Any Space

Having a blog is a funny old thing. It means I can look waaaay back on how I used to style spaces and surfaces and take stock of how far I've come in making a room look complete. I was pretty clueless, let's be honest and some of my earliest attempts at styling were...

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How to Prepare for Overnight Guests

For as much of an introvert as I am, I really do enjoy having friends and family over to stay at our home. Part of it is that I feel a bit more in control of the situation (anxiety tends to rear it's ugly head when I'm in more unfamiliar territory) and part of it is...

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