How to Mix and Match Your Table Settings

If you've been following my blog for a while, you'll know that I LOVE a good table setting. I don't know what it is about them but getting a little creative and styling them is my jam - even when there's no real occasion. Now, over the years, I've amassed a few...

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How to Get the Luxe Look for Less

Champagne tastes with a 'Cava' budget. That's me. I seem to always fall in love with the most utterly ridiculously expensive things in shops and then baulk when I realise I'd have to take out a second mortgage to afford it. And yet that doesn't stop me fancifully...

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7 Ways to Add Wow Factor to Any Room

After my blog post on Monday about my visit to Grand Pacific, I have been thinking about wow-factor spaces. Ya know the ones that as soon as you enter the room (or look at it on your screen), you get that little intake of breath? Yeah that. I have always strived for...

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How to Style a Side Table 3 Different Ways

I'm a sucker for a nice little side table. I look at them all the time on various websites despite the fact I already have a couple of them at home and the even bigger fact that I don't actually need any more. I'm still tempted because they are so cute and so...

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How to Style Your Home with Plants

So, apparently, it's Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere. While the days are definitely longer and the sun is most certainly higher, it's still been pretty cold here the last few days so it doesn't quite feel like Spring. But there is one thing I almost always do...

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How I Organise My Makeup Collection

So you may or may not know that while I'm a total geek when it comes to interiors, I'm a bit of a makeup junkie as well. I can talk about getting the perfect flick on your eyeliner or my favourite foundations until the cows come home. That new palette from Anastasia...

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9 Design Rules I Never Break!

I am not much a rule follower. You may be surprised to know that when I was younger, my family were very religious. I was brought up in an environment where there were rules for just about everything - who I was allowed to be friends with, what kind of clothes I could...

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How to Mix High End and Low End in Your Home

I think if anyone knows anything about the decorating trick I'm talking about today, it's fashion bloggers. They seem to know exactly how to make a budget work to create a really high-end look without spending silly amounts of money on absolutely everything they are...

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8 Secrets for a Tidy Home

So let's just be straight up right now. Is my home always "Pinterest perfect"-ly clean? Hell no. I have 3 insane animals running around at all times and a hard-working bloke that works in the automotive industry for goodness sake. However, my home is normally about 15...

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