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8 Things Every Home Office Needs

There are two times of year that I start naturally thinking about my home office. The first is September. I think it's just left-over associations with going back to school that have stayed with me all these years and so I start thinking of all my favourite...

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20 Gorgeous Glam Office Supplies

I'm a sucker for lovely office supplies, I must admit. When I first decided to create a home office out of our second bedroom, the very first thing I purchased for it was an acrylic and gold stapler and matching tape dispenser from Kate Spade. I couldn't wait to have...

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Reworking the Guest Bedroom / Office Design

So when I first started talking about the design and my plans for the guest bedroom/office, it was 6 months ago. I think when you write about interior design for a living or even if you just absorb a ridiculous amount of content regarding interiors in your every day...

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