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Animal Magnetism: Animal Print Home Accessories

It is no secret that I love good animal print. Leopard has been one of my favourite patterns for years and years and I've used it repeatedly in my own home. As someone who's loved it for a long time, I probably have a bit of 'confirmation bias' but one thing I've...

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17 Cute and Affordable Storage Solutions

Like so many other people, I binged watched Marie Kondo's Netflix series in the first few weeks of January. To be fair to us, we did well before we moved house last year, ridding ourselves of so many items we no longer needed. I donated loads to charity, gave plenty...

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Why I Always Choose an Artificial Christmas Tree

I was recently interviewed for an article in Real Homes Magazine (it's the December 2018 issue so if you're quick, it'll still be available) answering the question: Are Real Trees Better Than Fake? It was a friendly sort of debate between myself and a woman with three...

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Halloween with a Twist: Gothic Glam Buying Guide

I realise that things have been a little quiet around here of late! If you follow me on Instagram, you may know that I have been away in Portugal for 8 glorious days. Having been invited to a wedding there by two friends, a group of us figured we'd make the most of...

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10 of the Best “Pale & Interesting” Sideboards

A few years ago, I decided I needed a bit more storage for both my dining room and my office. I decided to go vintage with each - mid-century modern to be exact - and in both cases, found exactly what I was looking for. Pieces that worked well for my requirements and...

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