I don’t know what it is about January that makes me totally want to get my shit in order.  I want to clear out, clean up and turn everything into a fresh, organised slate.  And so despite asking for a label maker for Christmas and getting a wrinkled nose response from Wayne (“A label maker? Seriously? That’s just weird.”) I decided to take the bull by the horns and order one for myself.  Weirdness be damned.

You may have seen me on Instagram getting VERY excited when Amazon delivered this baby to my door…

I don’t know what it is that makes us girls so giddy over label makers.  My excitement was shared on both Instagram and Facebook with loads of my fellow obsessives liking and responding to how great label makers are.

That was pretty much me on Saturday morning merely hours after it’s arrival.  I had also ordered a spice rack that attaches to the inside of the cupboard and a couple of cupboard shelves and with these three new items at my disposal, I decided to make a good long day of a little kitchen re-organisation.

I pulled everything off of the open shelves on the left hand side where I was going to concentrate my efforts and gave everything a good clean.  I labelled up the dry goods with a happy squeal and then rearranged a few things when I set them back in place.

As I’d said in this post, I felt like that side of the shelves lacked a little sparkle so I decided to use a couple of my new gilded plates as a bit of a backdrop on the bottom shelf and it just glammed everything up and ties in now with the right hand open shelving. It makes me SO HAPPY looking at this shelf now.

The large drawer where my spices had been (so annoying that we could only see the TOPS of the bottles and so we were forever picking up and putting down as we searched for the Fenugreek or Ground Cumin) is now being used to hold teatowels and the space below which used to hold lunch snacks for Wayne is now holding pots and a basket of the pot lids.  It all makes so much more sense now!

I also cleared out and scrubbed clean the only closed upper cupboard we have (to the left of the sink) and got rid of some old mugs and food well past it’s sell by date and it’s now strictly food on the bottom and extra glasses and mugs on the top. The spice rack was installed in another bottom cupboard.

I know it doesn’t look look a huge difference, but I figured I’d show you a little before and after action because it’s made a huge difference to me!

Also, I’m including this picture only because I think it looks pretty.  I got a new 50mm lens for Christmas and I freaking love it.

Annnnyway… back to the shelves.  Look at all the pretty labels all lined up like little soldiers!  Yay!

There are still other drawers and cupboards that need clearing out and organising so maybe I’ll share all the inners of the cabinets then but it was a damn fine start to January and it made me feel like I’d accomplished something.

Do you have a label maker? Do any clearing out in the kitchen lately?  Are you as crazy as I am about getting organised in January?

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