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Why I Hate Being Called an ‘Influencer’

Ughhh... "Influencer". I swear every time I hear that word, I die a little inside. The word is pretty new, after all, and I've been doing this blogging lark for more than 8 years. I never got into it to make money and while the blog has grown and yes, opportunities...

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Something for the Weekend: January 2018

So I ended up skipping out on my Something for the Weekend for December because I took a break between Christmas and New Year and I was planning on posting this last Friday but I was recovering from a bug on my sofa so that didn't happen! But hey, better late than...

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Are Bloggers Just a Bunch of Freeloaders?

For the last week or so, I have been reading about the whole situation with Elle Darby - the influencer with over 80k followers on Instagram and 90k followers on YouTube who asked for a few nights' stay at a Dublin hotel in exchange for a review on her social media...

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Setting Goals for 2018

So following on from my last post about looking back on the previous year, it's time to start looking forward. I've always said I'm not really into New Year's Resolutions. I just think trying to accomplish way too much in a very short space of time without any real...

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The 2017 Swoon Worthy Year in Review

*pulls duvet down from face* *blinks* *yawns* *stretches* Oh hey, 2018. I didn't even realise you were there! Nice to meet you.  So, here we are - 2018 stretches before us like a brand new notebook, clean and unmarred and full of promise. After endless days of getting...

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Something for the Weekend: November 2017

November has been a bit of a whirlwind for me as, after months of talking about it, we finally put our house on the market to sell. And sell it has. In fact, it officially went live for sale on the afternoon of Thursday, the 9th of November and by Tuesday, the 14th,...

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Should There Be a ‘Code of Ethics’ for Bloggers?

Long ago, when I first started my blog back in 2010, things were simpler. There was no Pinterest, there was no Instagram. There were no emails from companies wanting to work with me as an influencer. In fact, the whole concept of an 'influencer' wasn't even something...

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How to Use Google Analytics to Grow Your Blog

I recently shared my tips on SEO for Bloggers and while that's one subject that many bloggers are frightened to death of, there is another that many bloggers fear almost just as much. Google Analytics is one of those things that most bloggers know they need but once...

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Something for the Weekend: August 2017

Wait. It's SEPTEMBER?! How the hell did that happen? To be fair, I have always kind of liked September - it's a much better 'new year' than cold, miserable January could ever be. I mean, we get to indulge in new stationary for one thing, we get to pull out all those...

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