When I last showed you my kitchen, it was by way of my new little drinks station.  Since then, I finally got the cupboard handles ‘gilded’ and installed – I ordered them from eBay (from China) but when they came in, they were very much a copper colour.  Which would have been fine if I didn’t actually want brass handles.  My clever boyfriend took them to his bodyshop for the purpose of spray painting them gold but when he went to clean them in some kind of really high-powered paint thinning stuff, that copper finish just rubbed right off to reveal the brass hidden beneath.

Hurrah!  My gilded handles were born, no spray painting required.

I also replaced all my chrome and metal hooks with these lovely brass S hooks and got that sweet little gold ceramic milk jug from Rockett St George.

And finally, we bought a new fridge back in August.  We had a silver one here that I’d had for years but it started to give up the ghost so I ordered a new one from work (hello, employee discount) and I love it in the space – it’s so nice and bright and goes with the rest of the white appliances much better.

Here’s what the space used to look like if you need a reminder…

And now with the upgraded handles and new fridge…

A bit brighter, no?

So… what’s up next?  Well, of course there’s the question of which worktops I’ll go for – and no, I still haven’t made up my mind there.  I think I’ll revisit the decision in the new year because it’s certainly not going to happen before Christmas.

I also want to continue the tiles down and around the cupboard at the end to the wall.  It’s a weird space and I don’t know why we didn’t do it when we initially tiled but there ya go.  What that corner will turn into, I haven’t quite decided yet.  At the moment, it’s just where the bin goes and the step ladder gets stored.  It’s not terribly exciting and it needs to serve more of a purpose, ya know?

Plus, I want to get new lighting.  I know I get a lot of love for my current lighting but I’ve got my eye on some brassy industrial numbers and I can’t get them outta my head just like Kylie circa 2001.

Oh  yes, the project list around here just keeps on growing!  So what do you think of my sexy new handles?

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