So it’s properly Spring (nearly Summer!!) and my plants are finally thriving. I’ve picked up a few new ones recently so I thought I’d show ya around the house where my plants live!

First up is the kitchen…

Now, I seem to be utterly obsessed with Maidenhair ferns. I get mine in my local Homebase for a mere Β£3 each and while they can be a wee bit temperamental, I do find if they get enough (indirect) sunlight and water (weekly), they seem to thrive quite nicely.

This little one I’ve had for a while now but it was starting to go a bit brown and this spot seems to be the perfect windowsill for any plant’s recovery. After ridding it of some of the dead leaves, it’s doing rather nicely now while it’s little owl friends to watch over it.
I love how even on days where it’s raining one minute and sunny the next (like it has done this weekend), it’s pretty little leaves filter the light so delicately.
On the opposite window sill, I received this cute little succulent (no clue what it is so if anyone wants to help, I’m all ears!) as a surprise gift from the lovely peeps over at West Elm London.  I love the bird planter so much – how cute is her little face?! You can get your own here.  Thank you West Elm!!
While I don’t talk about cooking too much here on Swoon Worthy, Wayne and I are fairly handy in the kitchen.  However, in winter, I find it really hard to keep my herbs looking fresh but in the spring and summer, I always have a full array of fresh herbs just next to the kitchen sink.

The mint plant (on the far left) is actually just used for my killer cocktail – I should really share it properly on the blog at some point but here’s the recipe:

Adapted from this recipe for a Mistletoe Kiss on AO at Home:

Juice of 1/4 lime
1 shot Disaronno (or make it a double if you wish)
About 10 mint leaves torn up
Pomegranate Juice
Ginger Beer
Combine the lime, mint and Disaronno in a shaker with 1 ice cube and shake hard so that the oils from the mint leaves are released.  Strain into a glass of ice and top with half Pomegranate and half Ginger Beer.

OH MY GOD SO GOOD.  Promise I wouldn’t steer you wrong. I take my alcohol consumption very seriously. Ahem.

Anyway, back to the plants!
Let’s move on to the dining room… Another Maidenhair fern for my console table.  I just love how soft and organic they are.

And in the living room… guess what?!  Yes, ANOTHER Maidenhair fern.  Are we seeing a pattern emerge? Yes, yes, I think we are.  I promise I’m not just moving one plant around the house – I actually have 3 of them!

And finally, the bedroom.  I have been struggling with the vignette on the chest of drawers for a while – and it’s most likely because I haven’t had any plants in here all winter long.  They just don’t get enough sunlight to survive and so I indulged myself as the sun is shining to get another fern.

Oh and you’ll notice it’s not a Maidenhair this time (shocker) but instead, a big fat fluffy Boston Fern.  That, combined with a little blue painterly pot I got (on clearance – go me!) from the Habitat range in Homebase which is filled with a fake plant from Ikea. Yes, you can totally combine fake and real plants – no judgment from me. Go for it.

It’s really brought some much-needed colour into this spot along with some books (yes, Professor Brian Cox’s book is among them – gotta represent the boy too) and a little yellow, black and white pot I picked up from H&M Home a while ago.

Ahhh now my house feels like it’s alive with the song of houseplants.

Have you been adding to your own jungle lately?  Any favourites?  Do tell, I honestly can’t get enough of them!  Or maybe your a cocktail connoisseur and you want to share your favourite recipe? Go for it, I can’t get enough of cocktails either.

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