My Christmas Dining Room

While I'm fully aware that there are a whole bunch of bloggers currently showing off their gorgeous Christmas decorations, buying guides and tips for the holidays, I feel like I'm really failing when it comes to the holiday season this year. The truth is that every...

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VIDEO: Walk Through House Tour!

As you probably know by now, we have sold our beloved home on the outskirts of Manchester and are currently looking for a new home. While we haven't yet secured another house as of writing this post, we hope to do so soon. I wanted to film an entire house tour for a...

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One Year On: How Our Minerva Worktops Are Holding Up

It's been almost exactly a year since we revealed our new kitchen. And I think for the last year, I receive an email at least once a week* from someone contemplating Minerva worktops, asking me how mine are holding up, whether I'd recommend them, if they've been at...

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11th Hour Updates: Our Hallway Refreshed for Sale

So after 7 years of living in our home, I'm happy to say it's pretty much finished. Every room has been refreshed (some more than once), every space has had some love put on it, every single thing in the house complete. The hallway had been the last remaining space we...

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11th Hour Updates: Bedroom Flooring Reveal!

Our house went on the market officially on Thursday. It's been a bit of a crazy few weeks with lots of trips to the skip (that's the dump for my American readers) and charity shops as well as giving away items to friends and family - turns out living in a house for 7...

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My Obsession with ‘Lady Faces’ in Art

This is going to be a bit of a weird post but I shared something on Instagram a few weeks' back and thought I'd expound a little on the blog today. I have a bit of a weird obsession. I am REALLY into art with lady faces. WTF? Yeah, hear me out there. I'm not sure what...

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Glam Cave: Video Tour & Get the Look!

I was so excited to read all your comments on the Man Cave to Glam Cave reveal last week! I'm so happy so many of you seemed to like it. It really is for me, the perfect blend of my style with Wayne's. While Wayne loves our home and doesn't really complain too much...

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Man Cave to GLAM Cave: The Final Reveal!

Okay so I'm aware this particular makeover has dragged on for months. One of the main reasons is that a piece of furniture I'd purchased for it had a 4 month lead time and while I had considered sharing the finished room sans this piece, I decided against it because...

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20 Gorgeous Glam Office Supplies

I'm a sucker for lovely office supplies, I must admit. When I first decided to create a home office out of our second bedroom, the very first thing I purchased for it was an acrylic and gold stapler and matching tape dispenser from Kate Spade. I couldn't wait to have...

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