I feel like I’m constantly looking AT and looking FOR wallpaper.  Which is kind of strange because I’ve only used it a total of 3 times in my home – in my kitchen, in my living room and in the dressing room.

However, I’ve been on the hunt for a while now for the perfect paper for various other areas in my home: the panels in my living room, the hallway (for when we eventually get around to doing that) and one other place…

Ya see, I’ve been thinking for a while about changing out the wallpaper behind my kitchen shelving.

When I’d first put it up, it matched the adjoining dining room perfectly – in fact, I’d originally planned on using this wallpaper in the dining room before I decided on a gallery wall and I’d found a paint colour that was an almost identical match which is how I chose that dark grey paint colour you see in the image below.

Here’s how nicely everything USED to tie together…

However, as you know, in the last year, I repainted my dining room in a dark blue. So now that wallpaper – as lovely as it is – no longer really ties with the dining room.

So for a while, I’ve been keeping my beady eyes out for a replacement.  Let’s ignore how HORRIBLE a job it was to wallpaper the kitchen shelving – I think wallpaper is a bit like childbirth – as soon as it’s up, you forget the pain and anguish and only can look starry-eyed at your beautiful little miracle…erm…. room.
So I wanted something a bit more colourful in my kitchen. I like the turquoise/red/white combo but you know me – I’m a girl who likes to combine colour in interesting ways. And if I could bring a print into the kitchen which allowed me to have a little more fun with my colour palette, then that’s what I was going to do.

And this, my dear ones, is what I have my eye on.

GASP!! It’s just gorgeous, isn’t it??  It’s Designer’s Guild Alexandria wallpaper in the magenta colourway.

Here’s another view…

Oh god yes. GET IN MY HOUSE.

So hopefully my dining room will tie in much nicer with that new wallpaper backing the shelves…

So much better, no?

I was trying to find a picture so you can see how the kitchen and dining room tie together but this is the only one I could find.  Apologies it’s crappy and from last year (it’s not an angle that works well because the bright kitchen always gets blown out) but at least you can kind of see what I mean about the rooms being in close proximity…

It may mean my turquoise-y accessories may either have to some how be adapted to the new colour scheme or be replaced. I haven’t thought that far in advance yet. I know the roller blind which is currently a cheapy dark turquoise one that we just got so our neighbours weren’t staring into our kitchen cost less than £20 and I’d always intended on replacing it at some point.

So as I said earlier this week, it’s the decorating domino effect – one thing changes, other things have to be updated along with it.  I’m going to see if the blues have enough variance for it to work but I’m open to making changes if it doesn’t, ya know?

The wallpaper is £68 per roll – while not cheap, I don’t actually need a lot of it so that’s a big plus. And it’s so stunning that I think less than £100 for something that I really desperately love isn’t a bad compromise.

When this is actually going to happen is anyone’s guess because we are feverishly trying to get the bathroom done at the moment but a bit of wallpaper is not a huge undertaking (a few good hours’ work) so I’m hoping in between waiting for the adhesive to dry on the cornicing, I could get busy doing this little side project!

What do you think of my choice? Is this a wallpaper you would use?  Spot any gorgeous wallpaper lately? Do tell…

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