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The Reveal of Our Living Room Refresh

So as I mentioned in this post, I decided rather last-minute that somehow, just before work was meant to start in our new extension and kitchen and dining room renovation, I was going to squeeze in a bit of a makeover for our living room. I have big plans for the...

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Refreshing Rooms with Something Old, Something New

I think it's a combination of shorter days and the loss of sparkle that Christmas brings, but every year in January, after the Christmas decorations all come down, my home feels a bit flat. What I tend to do is give my spaces a little bit of a shakeup so they feel...

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My 2018 Christmas Living Room

It's been quite interesting decorating my home for Christmas this year. It's our first Christmas in this house and while I knew I had plenty of Christmas decor stashed in our loft space for when the time came, I didn't really know how that decor would be used in a...

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Can You DIY Shutters? (Hint: Yep, You Can)

Long before we even found our home, while we were still living in our previous home on the outskirts of Manchester, I had a dream. And that dream was that we would have window shutters. I know, it's a strange one, but bear with me here. I'd seen them on so many homes...

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Let There Be Light! Updates in the Living Room

And.... I'm back! So I've had a whirlwind couple of weeks whilst I've been away from the blog - some of it dusty and messy, some of it rather lovely. The week before last, as you may recall, we had the electrics replaced in the living room, master bedroom and hallways...

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How I’ve Styled Our Living Room (for now!)

As you probably know, we moved into our new (old!) home just over a week ago now and the first room I knew I wanted to tackle was the living room. In my experience, it's always good to have at least a couple of rooms sorted as quickly as possible when moving house -...

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My Valentine’s Day “Love Tray”

This is sort of a weird one because I wasn't planning on doing two Valentine's Day posts. My first one - the romantic breakfast table setting - was always on the cards but this one was a little more organic. I was sent an incredibly gorgeous tray by Sweetpea and...

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Winter Refresh in the Living Room

My original intention was to share a post on how I basically swapped lots and lots of things around in my home over my break. I often shop my own house when I'm itching for some change and the start of the new year, after the Christmas decor has come down, is normally...

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