So in the midst of like 10 different projects I am either in the middle of or have finished and just not photographed/blogged about quite yet, I decided to create a little hot drinks station in my kitchen.  It started with the purchase of the sexiest tea kettle I’ve ever owned and then in a fit of caffeine-induced madness, I purchased the matching coffee maker.

It then sort of escalated from there with a new gold leaf and lacquer tray and a search for something to hold my Splenda tablets.  Before I even realised it, a drinks station was born.

I am one of those strange people who have neither a preference for either coffee or tea, it merely depends upon the time of day.  It’s not a real Sunday morning in my book without the smell and sound of freshly ground coffee percolating and there’s nothing quite as comforting as a hot cuppa tea (and maybe a biscuit) of an evening.  During the day, it’s really just my mood which one I’ll choose.

I also recently discovered Monin Coffee Syrups (apparently they are the same ones that Starbuck’s uses) to give my coffee a bit of extra sweetness – I have the Hazelnut and the Vanilla and both are gorgeous.  A teaspoon of either makes a simple cup of coffee a treat.  I’m already scoping out other flavours.

The mini tagine was a gift from my photographer and stylist extraordinaire mate, Carole.  I bemoaned the fact I couldn’t find something appropriate for my sweetener when we were chatting and before I knew it, she’d sent this to me in the post.  I love it and couldn’t be more grateful to the generous and thoughtful friends I’ve made through my blog!  It’s adorable, isn’t it?

Speaking of Carole, it was only because I was lusting after her own lovely lacquered tray that I’d spied on her blog that she told me about Nom Living on eBay which is where I purchased this one.  The gold is soft and subtle and so pretty in person.  They have a lot of really rather wonderful objects so go and check them out.

We have other plans for the kitchen.  I was looking over my posts from 2 years ago when we first embarked on the kitchen remodel and I find it a little embarrassing but not so surprising that we’ve not even finished it yet. It’s a good thing I don’t wait until our projects are finished before I share them – I wouldn’t have anything to blog about!  But having this diary of sorts online tracking our sometimes tortoise paced progress reminds me that we’ve actually come quite a way even if the finish line is still ahead of us.

But we’ve made a little bit of progress of late – we’ve finally made a decision on the worktops and I think you’ll be surprised what I decided on since it is neither butcher block nor Quartz (both of which I’ve heavily considered) but something else entirely.  I couldn’t be more excited however so will share that decision soon. And it’s something we intend to do this year once we’re finished with the bathroom (nearly there with that one although there are a LOT of little bits and pieces to do to finish it completely – promise I’ll reveal all in the near future!).

I’d also been searching for new cupboard handles for a while and finally found them (oooh they are so cool) but, typically, they need to be ‘gilded’ before I share those.  Oh and we also got a new refrigerator!  Ours was dying a slow and horrible death but working for an appliance company certainly comes in handy.  I love our new one – it’s just a simple white one but getting rid of our silver one has certainly brightened up the space.  Everything will be shared in due time.

In the meantime, it’s little changes like this that keep me happy.

So what will it be…Coffee?  Or tea?

Don’t miss a thing!

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