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Dining Room Remodel: The Design Reveal! Eeek!

I had another post scheduled for today and I decided to scrap it because it bored ME writing it and so god knows how you would have felt reading it. The reason I'd written it, however, was because I wasn't able to share with you the new design of the dining room but I...

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Dining Room Remodel: Adding Architectural Interest

For me, rooms are always far more interesting if they have some architectural interest - soaring ceilings, large windows, beautiful cornicing, chunky window casings, wall moulding, etc. While of course more contemporary architecturally-led building designs can have...

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Dining Room Remodel: Choosing Statement Art

One thing that I absolutely love is choosing art for my home. Now, I realise art is incredibly personal and totally subjective. What I might have heart palpitations over, you might raise your eyebrows at and what you love could leave me feeling completely apathetic....

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Dining Room Remodel: Why I’m going LIGHT!

I know this is going to come as a huge shock to everyone but yes... I am going to be abandoning my glorious deep indigo dining room and turning back to the light side. No, it's not because Rey is such a kick ass Star Wars character (because oh my god she so is) but...

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My 2015 Christmas Table Setting

So as promised on Monday, today I'm sharing how I'll be setting my table for Christmas. In the interests of full disclosure, it's actually going to be a small one this year! While we're spending time with his whole family on the day, for Christmas dinner, it'll just...

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My Christmas 2015 Dining Room

So as I mentioned in my post on Friday, I finally got around to putting the finishing Christmas touches on the dining room this weekend. You will have already seen my living room this Christmas which has been all decked out for a couple of weeks now. If you missed...

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Styling My ‘Pre-Christmas’ Console Table

Well, I had planned on sharing a little Christmas gift DIY with you today but my printer decided to die on me and then the dark rainy weather had other plans for my shoot so it looks like that post is going to be delayed until Friday! So in the meantime, I did a...

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Dining Room Decisions Have Been Made!

You may recall my recent post with regard the changes I wanted to make to the kitchen and the subsequent dilemma I was facing with related changes in the dining room. At that point, I genuinely had no clue which way I was going to go. I adored all the comments I...

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Dining Room Updates with HomeSense

It happens to me every Spring and Autumn. I get this urge to shake up my home and get it ready for a new season. I do the same with my wardrobe - I put away the summer sandals and light weight maxi dresses and get out my knee high boots and warm cardigans - you do...

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