You may remember me mentioning recently that I’d finally found a new table for the dining room. While the heavy T style table had served me well for many years, it felt too heavy and too wide for the room. I wanted something brighter and lighter for the space. And something I could easy get out from behind without having to do a small acrobatics routine.

After much anticipation, my new table from Joss & Main has arrived. And I love it.

However, when I had moved the chairs out to dismantle the old table and put the new one in it’s place, I realised how battered my woven rug really was. Those little bits of cotton are fair game for kitties with claws who like to pull and pull and pull on it! And so it was looking a bit worse for wear. I couldn’t put my new fresh table on such a crappy rug, could I? No, it would be a crime against lovely new tables everywhere.

And then I realised I had a perfectly good new rug, also from Joss & Main, wrapped up in the 2nd bedroom waiting for the office remodel… you know where this is going, right? Of course you do. I’m like an open book.

Okay now, before you say anything, I know it’s a bit too small for the room. But goodness, the pattern play and the colours work so incredibly well that I’m going to ignore that slight faux pas in styling.

I may actually get a larger jute rug to sit beneath it to make it work. Or I may move this back into the guest bedroom when it’s finally done and purchase a larger one for in here. I don’t know. Don’t rush me on these decisions. For now, it’s staying, interior design rules be dammed. They can’t hold me down, I’m a rebel.

The table however, works rather perfectly. I love the soft matt finish and curvy legs with the Chippendale chairs. The whole room just feels so much fresher and crisper. Who doesn’t love the combination of navy blue and white? No one. That’s who.

Speaking of new additions, how cute is my gold pineapple? The lovely Antonia at Rose & Grey sent it to me as a little gift which I thought was rather perfect (she knows me so well!). I love how it looks like a proper pineapple. I have no idea what it’s made out of but I sort of want to cut it up and put it in a salad and eat it. I won’t, mind you. But the urge is there.

You’ll also see in the picture below, the framed Sarah & Bendrix print I talked about on Friday on the far wall next to the window. We added a simple wooden blind (it’s been naked for a while and I raised it up to get as much light in here as possible whilst taking pictures but it’s not always hiked up that high!) and I’m considering adding another pelmet in here (the DIY for the one in my dressing room coming soon, they are dead easy to make). You can also see I moved my black & white prints to the alcove. I never had anything hung there before but it seems to bring a balance to the room.

Those stunning gladiolis were actually bought for me by Wayne. I shared them on Instagram but they are just so gorgeous (and so inexpensive!) that I’m sharing them again.

I went a little mental with the picture taking…

But every time I walk into the room now, I have to smile. I don’t even hate the grey/white pattern on the side chairs as much any more although I do want to replace them at some point!

If you need a reminder, here’s what it looked like not too long ago…

And now…

Finally, my really shitty wide angle lens comes in to share much more of the room. It’s weird seeing it like this but it gives you a good idea of the whole space – kind of like real estate pictures, no? And the room actually looks bigger here (It’s just 3.45 metres x 4.15 metres or 11ft 4in x 13ft 7in so not huge). Maybe not pinnable but informative!

Anyway, what do you think of the new additions? Would a white table be your thing?

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