So this will be a bit of a rambling post today as my brain is completely melted this week!  Between the bathroom remodel planning and deliveries (goodness, my home looks like a warehouse at the moment with the amount of BOXES EVERYWHERE) and the AO at Home blog redesign which is in full swing, my brain is a little in meltdown!

In between my chattering, I thought I’d share some of my pictures of the beautiful peonies from my garden that I’ve now dotted around my dining room…

Through all the chaos, despite the moaning and the brain melting, I’m aware that it’s all really good and really positive nonetheless.

The complete redesign of the AO at Home blog is going to be SO GOOD and the goal is to get the design element nailed down this week.  I’m working with Manchester-based web designers Gumball who have done some wonderful design work in the past including this site, Me & My Wedding, so I knew they could take on the balance between something that looks professional but also feminine and accessible and not too ‘corporate’.

The first drafts that have come back are like a dream come true, especially when I’ve been working within the confines of a not-particularly-well-designed site for so long.

As I’ve said in the past, Swoon Worthy is my baby but AO at Home is like my foster child.  And seeing my foster child get it’s own grown up look is so entirely satisfying.  I feel incredibly privileged that AO trust me and my vision enough to make the investment in this new design so when it’s launched, I’ll probably be  nagging begging gently encouraging you guys to jump over and have a look.  Soon, peeps, soon! :)

In other news, there hasn’t been any more physical progress on the bathroom but we now have nearly all the elements we need to just get on with the work.  The goal is to have the bathroom remodel completed by the end of the month!!  I know that sounds like a crazy tall order but I’ve got a photoshoot at the end of the month (!!) and I REALLY want it done by then if not only for the fact that the house needs to be immaculate for it – more news on that one later ;)

So that’s my week so far!  How’s your week progressing?  Love pink peonies as much as I do?  Especially when their free?  Do tell…

P.S.  Google Reader shut down on 1st July.  I don’t wanna lose you!  Here’s a fantastic post on how to import the blogs you read to either Feedly or Bloglovin’.

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