In between the bathroom remodel, various appointments and writing obligations, my week off has actually been rather enjoyable. Busy, but enjoyable. I went out and bought a bunch of canvases recently and am enjoying getting my paint on again.

Since I moved my Martini & Rossi poster to my bedroom, I was left with a large blank spot on my gallery wall. I wanted a framed print there but I was struggling to find the perfect affordable piece so I picked up a 50cm x 70cm frame and some white card stock and decided I’d have a go at painting something myself.

I decided to do something a little different than my normal technique and although I was a little unsure of it at first, I’m pretty happy with how it came out.

I’ve called the piece Cracked (for obvious reasons) and  I like how it’s really brightened up the wall.  The problem of course, is that I then want to change other pieces on the gallery wall (it’s never ending, honestly – I call it the ‘Decorating Domino Effect’) because I feel like they don’t really fit any longer.

The Cadbury’s Cocoa poster has GOT to go (it’s starting to annoy me), the Synonyms for Drunk poster (which I actually really love) is also unfortunately ‘marked’ because the cream background and green lettering just don’t go with anything on the wall and it’s starting to jar.  The ones in the orange frames used to contain manga wallpaper but I recently swapped it out for some other wallpaper samples… unfortunately, the creamy backgrounds just aren’t working for me so I need to change those again.  Oh yeah, it just goes ON AND ON.

And yes, I know the little purple one on the bottom is crooked.  There’s always something crooked on that wall.

Annnnyway, back to the painting.  It works for me – for the time being anyway.  It’s also really hard to take pictures of this wall without being reflected in them.  Hey ho.

I also did a second painting more like the ones you normally see from me but this one will be for sale!  I’ve decided to call it Rockets Red Glare.

Ya see, a lot of people have asked since I started my little venture into painting whether I’d consider selling my work. The truth is, yes, I’ve been considering it for a while. It’s something I really enjoy and while I have plenty of my own pieces around the house, I can’t very well fill my house with them.  So while I’m going to be running a DIY art workshop at Home Is in the North (Are you in the area or planning a trip to Manchester? Please come, I would love to see you!), this event will give me the chance to dip my toes into the selling arena and see how it goes.

I’m planning on doing a number of others in preparation for the show in a few different sizes (Rockets Red Glare is 50cm x 50cm but I have a canvas that’s 80cm x 100cm that will be the biggest one I’ve ever done) and I’ll share them with you here on the blog. So if you see anything you like, then be sure to book your place at the event! Or come along to the workshop (spaces are limited!) and you can learn to do it yourself.

So what do you think of my addition to the gallery wall? Dipped your paintbrush lately? Do you also go through the Decorating Domino Effect? Ever sell a painting and want to share your wisdom?!  I’m all ears.

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