So when I shared the dressing room reveal, I told you I would be talking a little more about the beautiful bamboo frames for my Leigh Viner prints that I got so long ago.

You may remember that they were originally framed in some inexpensive John Lewis’ numbers that I’d spray painted gold. I always felt the original frames really didn’t do these stunning illustrations justice and they really warranted something a little more… I dunno. Special perhaps.

So when got in touch with me a couple of months ago to see if I would be open to reviewing their frames here on Swoon Worthy, I naturally agreed. In fact, they provided 3 frames to me but let’s talk about these two first.

Now, let me start by saying the frames come in looking like this.

Which, being rather ignorant, I panicked thinking, ‘Oh my god I didn’t order blue mats!!’ Erm…no, Kimberly, they are not blue, you div. They are covered with a transparent blue film.

Panic over.

Once the prints were all framed up, they looked rather lovely. We went from this…

To this…

So much better, no? I love the gold bamboo frame which works really well with the Chinoiserie-style wallpaper in here and I am absolutely in love with the option for a metallic gold bottom mat. I haven’t seen this before on other framing sites and for me, it’s a big reason I’d order again. It really lifts the look of the print so beautifully.

Now, ordering is very straight forward and your options truly are endless. You simply choose the ‘custom frames’ option and then you can either browse the options available or choose ‘design your own’ and ‘frame and mount’ which is what I did.

You can start by uploading a picture of your print. This is brilliant for allowing you to easily see whether the frame and mount you choose will work well with your artwork. You then enter the size of the aperture based upon how much of the print you want to see (so if you want to show the whole print, just take 10 mm off the finished height and width so you have a 5mm overlap on each side). You can then choose the thickness and style of the mount you want (either single mount or double mount) and the colours of each. There are literally a myriad of options available for frames at different price points and choosing each option will reflect the change in price at the top of your page. For this look, I chose the ‘Ice White’ top core mount with a ‘Metallic Gold’ bottom core mount.

Shipping was quick and painless and the finished quality is very good – the frames feel heavy and well made. They come with hanging hardware as well but there are all manner of extras available as well as different glazing options on the site so have a look around to see what suits your print best.

Here is the one in the dining room… I purchased this print recently from Sarah & Bendrix and the frame was the perfect finish for the gold foil lettering.

While I still have plenty of inexpensive frames in my home, I’m starting to see how ordering a custom frame for a print really does elevate the look and feel of your artwork.

I’ve already got my eye on a few more prints (you can never have enough art, can you?) and am happy to recommend to you if you have a special print that really deserves a beautifully crafted frame.

** has been nice enough to provide all Swoon Worthy readers with 10%* off your custom frame order when using the code FRAME10 at checkout!**
Don’t miss a thing!

I received my frames free for my review ofΒ but all images, opinions and words are as always, my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Swoon Worthy.

*discount code valid until Oct 2015

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