Well, folks, this is it! It’s Week 6 of the One Room Challenge™ and our 2nd bedroom turned eclectic boho glam office is finally ready for it’s reveal.

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Is it 100% totally done? Well, mostly. There are a few things that I probably would have perfected if I’d had a bit more time (and still may do) and there are a few things we didn’t quite get to finish and well, rooms constantly evolve and change around here at Swoon Worthy HQ regardless so I’ll never call a room “done” – but in all, I’m pretty thrilled with my new fabulous office.

ORC - Swoon Worthy Office Reveal

This is a pretty image-heavy post as you’d expect but just as a reminder, here’s what we started with…

ORC Swoon Worthy Office Reveal - Before

Well, here’s what it looks like now…

ORC - Swoon Worthy Office Reveal

I’m thrilled with how my desk came out – you can see the befores here in Week 2! Big transformation with just paint and new handles. I also decided on a different office chair than what was in my original moodboard but I’m really happy with the gold and black velvet chair. The original one was leopard print but with the addition of my DIY leopard print curtains, I thought it would be a bit too much!

ORC - Swoon Worthy Office Reveal

Clearly the overall colour scheme in here is pink – from the deeply saturated peachy pink of the wallpaper to the pale blushy pink of the walls alongside lots of black to keep things from going to sugar-y. I love the contrast, however, of deep lush greens with pink and so given my love of boho, I had to add lots of plants into the space.

ORC - Swoon Worthy Office Reveal

It makes me feel a bit like I’m sat in a forever-summer surrounding (in the middle of rainy Manchester, go figure). Dollops of gold is just my thing and of course it all adds a bit of glamour. There are small touches of navy blue in here as well. Pink/Black/Gold/Green/Blue may seem like an unlikely combo, but I kind of like it.

ORC - Swoon Worthy Office Reveal

I’m sure subconsciously (or maybe consciously) I’ve been influenced by the likes of my favourite glam designers, Christine Dovey and Kelly Wreastler (alas, my bank account? not so much) with all that pink and black and gold – and certainly, there were instances of WWCD? or WWKD? but in all, I feel like this room is thoroughly ME and that’s what any designed space should do –  it should make you feel like you were meant to be there all along.

ORC - Swoon Worthy Office Reveal

I’ve been using the office now for the last few weeks despite it not being done – I mean, really it all came down to the wire and was only “finished” (and yes, I use this word loosely) this past weekend but having worked in here now during my day, I find myself really wanting to spend time in here.

ORC - Swoon Worthy Office Reveal

I love that geometric wall light from Habitat which I used a 40% off voucher to purchase – it’s so sculptural and reminds me of origami.

wall light ORC Swoon Worthy

The shelving unit is just a cheapy one from IKEA that I spraypainted gold. At some point in the future, we’d like to build a whole wall of shelving in here which incorporates a pull out bed for guests (there was just no way we’d be able to have accomplished that in the 6 week time frame). However, for now, this little shelf holds all manner of handy items as well as keeping my paper work organised. Of course, I couldn’t help splurging on the Kate Spade stacking boxes – I’m clearly a sucker for pretty cardboard.

ORC - Swoon Worthy Office Reveal

Most of the items on the shelves were ‘borrowed’ from other rooms so much of it will likely be familiar if you’ve been following me for a while. I always think you should shop your house before spending additional money so that certainly came into play here to supplement a few of the new items. I’m sure the accessories in the room will change as time goes on.

ORC Swoon Worthy Office Reveal

I do always like to add a few vintage touches to a room because I think they create a timelessness in style and so these cute foo dogs were picked up on eBay for £8. I like to think they are watching over my new business cards from Becky Lord! ;)

ORC - Swoon Worthy Office Reveal

It’s a far cry from the usual grey cubicle that I’ve had to endure for so many many years – it makes freelancing feel like a privilege (which I know it is) and I feel energised just being in here, happy to take on whatever my day throws at me.

Kimberly Duran - Swoon Worthy - office

(and yes, you can see the styling on the sideboard is slightly different! I can’t help myself from changing it constantly) ;)

One thing I absolutely need to do (this is going to sound like some kind of bizarre Oscar acceptance speech but bear with me) is thank my amazing sponsors, without whom I would not have been able to complete this room and all of which have been fantastic throughout this transformation and which I am absolutely unequivocally happy to recommend to each of you.

Out There Interiors supplied that amazing hanging pod chair. It’s just the perfect spot for relaxing, when I need a bit of a break from the laptop.  Bianca Hall also sent me that gorgeous peachy pink tropical cushion for my room.

ORC - Swoon Worthy Office Reveal

Minted as one of the official sponsors of the ORC were amazing considering they are based in the US but were happy to ship internationally and supplied a number of prints to me including the black and white construction art print on my desk, the large peeling paint photo that centres my gallery wall, the abstract in the alcove and the two smaller prints as you walk into the room.

Minted art - ORC Swoon Worthy

Lighting Majestic supplied those amazing palm tree table lamps as well as the black pleated lamp shades – they finish off and frame the sideboard so beautifully and I’m thrilled with them.

ORC - Swoon Worthy Office Reveal

Becky Lord supplied my fabulous ‘Leopard is my favourite colour’ print in the gallery wall as well as the two smaller postcard-turned-prints ‘Mwah’ and ‘Yay!’.

Becky Lord print

Dowsing & Reynolds supplied those amazing lightbulbs in my Lindsay Adelman You Make It Chandelier. I spoke about those last week but they are just crazy beautiful.

Lindsey Adelman You Make It Chandelier with Dowsing & Reynold bulbs

MiaFleur supplied that gorgeous black and gold desk lamp as well as the black and gold porthole mirror (and they were gracious enough to offer a reader discount – see my sidebar for details!).

ORC - Swoon Worthy Office Reveal

I will follow up with a full source list for this room in a future post so if there’s anything else you spot you’d like to know where it’s from, just hang tight and I’ll be sharing that with you soon.

I made this cute little gif of the gallery wall so I figured I’d share that with you here – I literally had a rough idea of where I wanted everything and then just eyeballed it. I know, I’m the picture of planning me (note the desk hadn’t been completed at this point!).

Swoon Worthy Office Gallery Wall Gif

And that, my friends, is my reveal. I hope the anticipation of the last 6 weeks was worth it and seeing just how a room goes from looking tired and blah to a fully functioning and stylish space has filled you with confidence that you can do it too!

ORC - Swoon Worthy Office Reveal

A big thank you to Linda from Calling It Home who organised this One Room Challenge™ and for asking me to participate – it’s been a crazy couple of months and I don’t think I’ve ever fully decorated a room (and made so many quick decisions) in my life in such a tiny time period but which really pushed me to go with my instincts. And of course, a big thank you to my wonderful handy boyfriend Wayne as well who worked so hard and gave up his weekends to give me the space I needed in our home – love you loads, baby.


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