We have decided on one thing on the Guest Bedroom/Office Remodel which is like SERIOUSLY MAJOR MAJOR for me and it not only effects this room but a very large part of the house.

Here’s a hint…

Ya see, Wayne has ALWAYS said he prefers carpet upstairs.  Which meant that I was trying to wrack my brain around what colour/style carpeting would suit the entire upstairs, including the stairs from the entrance all the way up and around a banister and through the guest bedroom and our master bedroom.  It had to be something the cats wouldn’t rip to shreds or leave unslightly stains upon when they decide to empty their stomachs at like 3 o’clock in the morning while we try to sleep and it had to be something that worked with a room that was predominately black (our master) and another room which will be predominately white (our guest bedroom/office).

Now you’ve seen the ‘before pics’ of our guest bedroom… but here’s the very much ‘before’ of our upstairs hallway!

(Excuse all the bathroom crap, this picture was taken during the bathroom remodel)

I’d played around with a few ideas/colours/types but had decided on really nothing in particular, seeing we were concentrating on the bathroom remodel at the moment.

Well, surprise surprise when Wayne asked me if I would prefer wood floors throughout the entire of the upstairs.


It appears men can change their minds just as easily as women can do it.  And so we started formulating plans.  I know that flooring is usually one of the first things to tackle in a remodel but we’ve been TERRIBLE on that front and have decorated everything despite the fact that carpets needed to be replaced and the dining room still doesn’t have a decent looking floor and the hallway just needs a complete overhall.  But knowing we’ll be attempting to restore all the flooring from the upstairs AND downstairs?  Holy crapola, that’s a BIG PROJECT but you have no idea how much easier the job – in terms of the actual design that this  – becomes.

We tackled the flooring in our living room such a long time ago it feels like a lifetime but we’ll be following the basic principles from that one although we will be renting the industrial sanders this time. Doing half a floor with a hand sander is one thing, doing 3 rooms, a hallway and stairs is entirely another.

As we went with a darker colour in the living room in a satin finish (they look a bit shinier here but they aren’t what I would consider that plastic-y glossy look you get in person), we’ll carry the look through the entire house.

Ok, that’s not the true ‘after’ of the room, just of the flooring.  Here’s the proper after…

We’re not going to tackle all the flooring all at once, mind you.  It would be complete and utter chaos and we’d pretty much have to move out / put all our things in storage – but we’ll do a couple areas at a time and see how it goes.  The guest bedroom will obviously be one of the first areas along with the upstairs hallway.

This also means not just work but the purchase of various rugs – I’m as indecisive with rugs as I am with wallpaper so this should be fun.  We’ll see.

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