It’s Wednesday and that means another update on the progress of our office remodel for the One Room Challenge™. We have less than 2 weeks to complete everything now and it’s actually blowing my mind how quickly we are getting this room in shape! Honestly, I don’t think we have ever managed to do so much in such a short period of time. While this is all great news, I am still nervous because I still have so much more to do on the decor but ya know, we can do this right? Of course. Ahem.

Anyway, if you are new here or if you aren’t familiar with the One Room Challenge™, Linda from Calling it Home chooses 20 different bloggers to all makeover one space in 6 short weeks! Every Wednesday, we all share the progress on our rooms so be sure to check all of them out at the end of my post!

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As you know, we’ve decided to give our very sad and neglected second bedroom a complete and total overhaul from top to bottom and turn it into my home office. We’d successfully torn down the ceiling, removed lining paper, replastered and filled the old walls, replaced all the old floorboards with tongue and groove pine flooring, stained and sealed the floor and painted the room.

As I mentioned last week, I hung the wallpaper so I wanted to share that with you first!

I have to admit, after the ease and absolute sheer joy of putting the Sian Zeng wallpaper up in the living room recently, the Thibaut South Seas Wallpaper was a complete nightmare. I don’t know if I can ever buy paste-the-paper wallpaper again after realising how much easier paste-the-wall wallpaper really is. BUT I’ve wanted to use this pattern for such a long time that aesthetics won out over practicalities.


I won’t lie, I wanted to cry putting this stuff up because the edges kept curling and I probably had to use 5 times as much wallpaper paste as I did with the Sian Zeng one. I actually ran out of paste after installing just one drop because of how much I had to use. I was not a happy bunny.


However, in the end, once it dried, it actually looked pretty great. And like a mother giving birth to a child, all the pain was instantly forgotten and I was in love… We had to cut out a hole in the paper and install a brass vent (to let the chimney breast ‘breathe’ – alas, you can’t seal them completely even if it’s not in use) and the walls were finally complete.


While I was painting the walls and hanging wallpaper, Wayne was working on the desk. He sort of did it in stages with the sides done at his workshop at work and then the top of the desk done next at home and finally the drawers were just finished in our back garden this weekend. I still need to create a back panel for it but it’s nearly there.

I’m going to do a full tutorial after the One Room Challenge™ reveal but in the meantime, here’s how we got on…

This was what we started with – a mid century desk in decent shape but not especially pretty – purchased for £130 on eBay.

mid century desk before

This was my inspiration – all £1500 worth of antique desk but one which gave me heart eye emojis as soon as I spotted it.

black antique desk

The desk was prepped and sprayed, old handle holes were filled and new ones drilled and it was painted in satin black.


And so, less than £200 spent later, here’s a sneaky peek of what it looks like now with a fresh coat of paint and new handles…

black desk before and after


Like I said, I still need to do the back panel but it looks so much better already doesn’t it? I absolutely love it. As you can see, I wasted no time styling the top of it and I can’t wait to share the whole thing with you (as well as the full tutorial) very soon!

I also had a slew of prints to frame and I was pleased when my parcel showed up with a myriad of custom frames to hang my gallery wall.


I wasted no time in getting those hung! Another sneak peek of some of the gallery wall with artwork and postcards from one of my sponsors and a personal favourite, Becky Lord Design


Speaking of Becky, she also designed my new business cards which I’m utterly in love with. If you need any design work that has that gorgeous girlie glam look, then tell her I sent you! They are gold leaf and I don’t even want to give them away, they are so pretty (probably not my best business strategy but you get it, right?!).

Becky Lord Design - Swoon Worthy business cards gold leaf

With less than 2 weeks to go, I still have loads to get on with! We got the Lindsey Adelman lighting built and up a couple of days ago (more on that next week!) which I’m obsessed with but I still need to get curtains made and hung, shelving bought and sprayed and styling work to complete. I can see the finish line now and I’m praying the momentum won’t slow down any time soon. I have a feeling we’re going to need a holiday after this is done!!

Be sure to come back next week (or subscribe for updates!) to see how far I get… final stretch people!!

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