It’s Wednesday so that means it’s time to share my progress on my office space which is being completely redone for the One Room Challenge™!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the One Room Challenge™, Linda from Calling it Home chooses 20 different bloggers to all makeover one space in 6 short weeks! Every Wednesday, we all share the progress on our rooms so be sure to check all of them out at the end of my post – there are some amazing makeovers taking place and I’m sure we can all use the encouragement at this crucial stage!

Catching up? Start here: Week 1

So last I shared, we had scraped all the walls back to the original plaster. Every one of the old walls still looked pretty rough and so they all needed lots of patching with filler and plaster. We spent a good few days just getting the walls prepped and waiting for plaster to dry – it’s not pretty work but entirely necessary.

Now, I absolutely love the juxtaposition of ornate ceiling roses in older homes (ours is over 100 years old!) with modern light fixtures so it was something I was keen to do in here. The original cornicing (aka ‘crown moulding’ to my American brethren) was fairly plain but Edwardian homes of this era were sort of caught between the ornate look of the Victorian times and a scaled back, cleaner look of the early 20th century so we decided on a simple cornice combined with a more ornate ceiling rose.


While the original cornice would have been made out of plaster or wood, things have moved on and they are now made out of really easy-to-hang lightweight polystyrene. Once it’s up and painted, it’s really difficult to tell the difference between the materials and with walls as non-straight, uneven and crooked as ours (did I mention it’s an old house?), we needed the flexibility and “bend-a-bility” allowed in the polystyrene so that’s what we went for. The ceiling rose is actually plaster though (and quite heavy, thus the rather sexy pole holding it up whilst it dried!).

putting up cornicing and ceiling rose

Now, I chose the Lindsey Adelman Make-It-Yourself chandelier ages ago for this room and we still need to build it (we’re making a few changes to it to make it UK compliant) but I think it’ll look great contrasted against the ornate ceiling rose, don’t ya think? Anyway, I’m getting distracted by pretty – more on that hopefully soon!

lindsey aldeman light

Once the cornice and ceiling rose were up, we covered everything in a light coat of primer to allow the paint to adhere a little better – so it all looks a bit uneven and messy but once the paint goes on, it’ll look a lot better!

basecoat for the walls

After prepping the walls, we Wayne started on the flooring. While our original plan was to restore the old original pine floors, at closer inspection, they were actually in pretty bad condition (boo!). So we decided to replace the flooring with like-for-like pine tongue and groove and salvage as many of the boards that were in decent shape for the rest of the house when we tackle the flooring in other rooms. Even the boards which were in bad condition will be recycled on future projects – nothing goes to waste around here!

The challenging thing about the floors is that they actually went from the 2nd bedroom, under the wall and into the hallway. So the boards needed to be replaced in exactly the same way. The bonus of course is that we’re killing two birds with one stone here – we’re getting nice new flooring in the hallway as well! (The hallway, by the way, has never been touched in this house and needs plenty of work but one job ticked off the list is definitely welcome around these parts.)

hallway flooring before

Wayne got all the flooring down in about 10 hours. The progress has been lightning fast, I’m just hoping Wayne doesn’t burn out before it’s all done! ;)

Here’s the hallway side of things – so much better already!!


And here’s the room! Oh my goodness, after all the chaos and mess, it’s finally starting to look like a proper room again!!


Pablo of course had to quality inspect….

The new flooring has already made a massive difference to the feel of the room – no more gaps in the flooring and there’s very little prep to do in terms of sanding. The boards can be stained and sealed straight away.

But first?? We need to paint the walls! As you can see I’ve been getting my pink paint on… trying to decide on a colour.


I’ll be talking more about the paint colour next week so be sure to come back next week to see what I chose!

I also picked up this old desk from eBay for £130… (this is the listing image)

desk actual

My intention is to turn it into something that looks a bit like this… (this one costs £1500!) But I think with a decent coat of black satin spray paint and some new handles, it’s possible, right? Fingers crossed…

black antique desk mega bucks

Be sure to come back next week (or subscribe for updates!) to see how far we get over the next week…

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