Oh wow, you guys. THE BIG REVEAL IS NEXT WEEK. I’m of course in a whirlwind panic trying to put the finishing touches on everything, creating a million and one lists for myself and making myself slightly batty.

Anyway, if you are new here or if you aren’t familiar with the One Room Challenge™, Linda from Calling it Home chooses 20 different bloggers to all makeover one space in 6 short weeks! Every Wednesday, we all share the progress on our rooms so be sure to check all of them out at the end of my post!

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As you know, we’ve decided to give our very sad and neglected second bedroom a complete and total overhaul from top to bottom and turn it into my home office. We’d successfully torn down the ceiling, removed lining paper, replastered and filled the old walls, replaced all the old floorboards with tongue and groove pine flooring, stained and sealed the floor, painted the room, wallpapered, DIY’d a desk makeover and finally, we’ve been able to get the main furniture in place and the artwork hung.

The next thing to tackle was the lighting. I actually bought the Lindsey Adelman You Make It Chandelier a YEAR ago and it was sat in a box in pieces all that time until we were ready to put it up so you can imagine my excitement when it was finally time! I purchased the kit from Grand Brass and at the time, there was only the US kit available so I ended up buying that, knowing that we could just rewire it for UK voltage. They actually now sell a UK kit (without lightbulbs) so if you were interested in purchasing one and you live in the UK, you can do so here.

Essentially, the only things we really needed to replace were the wires going through the fixture and the light bulbs to make it UK compliant – everything else is pretty standard stuff. Even the E26 sockets are actually so similar to E27 ones that are common here that you can use them interchangeably.


Putting it together was a team effort with both Wayne and I constructing parts and then Wayne joining everything together while I assisted (basically holding everything in place while he attached it all). You could probably do it with one person but I would recommend having two people – it just makes it a lot easier.


I marked each part with a piece of masking tape and the corresponding letter so that when it was time to fit the puzzle pieces together, it was actually rather effortless!


I chose a ceiling rose from Jim Lawrence in Antique Brass which matched perfectly with the fixture.


Fitting it to the ceiling was relatively easy – we just had to swap out to extra long screws to hold it in place.


Now, I wanted to get beautiful light bulbs that were similar in style to what came with the kit and so my first port of call was light bulb geniuses and one of my wonderful ORC sponsors, Dowsing & Reynolds (I’m not sure if you know Ally from Digital Diva but it’s her husband’s shop and she’s all kinds of lovely – you should go check out her blog.)

After a brief chat with Ally for recommendations, I decided on a combination of their fabulous vintage tube rods and the medium globe bulbs with the loop filament. And oh my goodness they are just SO PRETTY (even the packaging is rather lovely, don’t you think?).

IMG_1248I want to fill my whole house with these things, let me tell you.

Lindsey Adelman You Make It Chandelier with Dowsing & Reynold bulbs

Here’s the whole thing…

Lindsey Adelman You Make It Chandelier with Dowsing & Reynold bulbs

And with the lights off… check out that juxtaposition of the light fixture against that ornate ceiling rose! Gah. I love it.

Lindsey Adelman You Make It Chandelier with Dowsing & Reynold bulbs

I also need to tell you about my amazing palm tree table lamps. Another fantastic sponsor of this project was Lighting Majestic (by the way, I am also one of their contributors on their blog) who sent me these two lamps as well as lampshades for my project. They have an amazing selection and carry so many different styles but these just stole my heart and were just so ME that I had to have them (this was obviously taken in my kitchen when I got them in – gotta save something for the reveal, right?):

Lighting Majestic Palm Tree Lamp

You may also remember my fantastic desk lamp from another sponsor of this project, the always wonderful Mia Fleur which will of course adorn my new fancy pants black desk.

Mia Fleur Desk Lamp

Apparently, Abigail Ahern says you should have 8 pieces of lighting in a room minimum (WHAT?!) but it appears I’ve somehow absorbed that advice without realising it and have 5 different light sources in this room. Okay, so I’m 3 short (unless you count candles) but still, I think this is the first time I’ve really taken into consideration all the different lighting needs within one room ever! I still have the wall light to share with you but you’ll see it all next week!

Be sure to come back next week (or subscribe for updates!) FOR THE FINAL REVEAL! EEK! Are you as excited as I am?!

And now, do you want to see what all the other 19 participants are up to? Of course you do! Check them all out below.

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