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My New Gold Glam Light Fixture in the Bedroom

After I revealed the new wardrobes in the bedroom, I shared a sore point that also desperately needed to be addressed. I had removed the previous light fitting that had been too big and subsequently sold it but hadn't decided on a new one to take its place. In my...

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Bedroom Wardrobes Reveal!

So you may be aware that I recently shared a most shameful and embarrassing secret. Whilst I was always happy to share the 'pretty' part of my bedroom, what was lurking on the far wall was anything but "Pinterest-worthy" and it certainly wasn't "swoonworthy" either....

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My Shameful Bedroom Secret – Revealed!! *GASP*

So one of my goals for this year for my blog was to be more transparent with you guys. While I know that looking at pretty pictures is something we all love (yep, me too), sometimes it's difficult to imagine that the people who own these homes we see in all their...

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The New Look in the Bedroom this Autumn

So as I revealed in my post on Friday for the Blogger Stylin' Home Tours, I've made some updates in the bedroom! As you may recall, I wanted to change the vignettes on the bedside tables and decided in doing so that I really wanted some larger art flanking the...

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A little bit of weird: New Lamp in the Bedroom

So I don't know if you remember my post recently talking about 5 Ways to Make Your Dining Room Swoonworthy - and in that post, I said that every room needs something unexpected. Something a little weird like a little question mark that hovers over your head when you...

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Framing Postcards as Art

Now please know I'm not going to patronise you with a proper how-to on this one. In fact, it's not really a how-to at all, it's just me sharing because ya know, I'm a blogger and therefore am naturally AN OVERSHARER*. *It's okay, I'm not going to tell you about any...

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