My original plan for today’s post was to tell you guys about the design for the Victorian Floor Tiles for the front of the house that I’ve been working on with Original Style but I’m still waiting on a tiny smidgen of info on that one so you’ll have to hold tight for that – it’s rather delicious however and I’m itching to share! But alas, we’re going to have to wait.

So in the meantime, I just thought I’d share a little bit of a ‘zhush’ I gave the chest of drawers in the bedroom recently. I can’t seem to keep things the same for very long, even when I am relatively happy with something but in this case, the large fern was suffering in the lower light of Autumn in the bedroom and so I decided to do a little swapping out of what was there and move the fern into a more well-lit room (in this case, the dining room).

Ahh yes, ‘faux’ plants. Honestly, they are the bestest thing in places where you don’t have enough light for real plants to survive well and still add that bit of greenery that is almost entirely necessary in any vignette. In this case, I added a tiny faux succulent that I picked up at Abigail Ahern’s shop in London (my first visit there and oh my god, it’s amazing – I’ll be sharing more of that soon). The larger one is from Ikea and I’ve had it for ages. And of course, the bunch of carnations are just cheapie ones from the supermarket but they last forever – these are more than a week old and still going strong. Can’t argue with that.

My visit to Live Like the Boy recently yielded that fab Nkuku Kiko brass hanging mirror – I fell in love with it with it’s little red ribbon trim. I hung a Moroccan style curtain tie back from the hook too, just because I liked the contrast of ornate with simplicity.

The vase and tray are both from Zara Home, picked up in their recent sales. I do love me a good mix of patterns and small pops of animal prints as you probably know so couldn’t resist adding it to the vignette. The little black candle was in the goodie bags that Amara handed out at the Awards – it smells amazing, even without being lit.

That large starburst urchin is part of a set of 3 that I picked up from Joss & Main (the other two are on the shelves in my dressing room for now). It’s probably a bit too big but it adds something structural and modern to the look, just set upon some books.

And you’ll notice I swapped out the lamp shade to one of my Chiang Mai dragon ones for the sake of these pics but I think something more permanent is now required. I was a little over the red/gold leaf one that was there originally – it’s time for a change I reckon.

And finally, I added some gold frames to the prints on the walls. I will probably be placing an order with at some point because these are a bit too cheap and cheerful and I’d love to get some nicer custom frames. All in good time I suppose – it’s never done, right?

Anyway, that’s my little refresh! There’s still work to do in this room (namely, the wardrobes on the other side of the room which you never see here because they are just boring and bland) but little changes like this keep me happy until we can actually find the funds to do more!

What do you think of the change? Any little refreshes that you’ve done lately?

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