I was hoping for ‘Boho Glam’.

What I ended up with was ‘Circus’.

Excuse the phone pic – it’s even brighter in person.

As much as I loved this quilt when I saw it on Urban Outfitters’ website and as much as the colours work perfectly in the room, even I can see that it’s just TOO MUCH.


So, with heavy heart, it’s going back. W will be very smug when he finds out because he hated it when I showed it to him!

Think if I want boho glam, I may need to consider something a little more subtle.  Problem is, I’ve been looking for MONTHS and haven’t found anything I really like and my existing bedding is looking a bit faded now.  I wanted something with a pattern because well, I have two kitties that tend to like to sleep on the bed and while I would love clean white, it will show every. single. hair.  I know for non-pet owners, that may seem really gross but well, it’s the norm here.

Those who can interrupt a perfectly happy sleeping kitty just to make the bed have cold hearts indeed.

I can’t resist chucking them off the bed when they are all curled up cute and Pablo insists on sleeping with us every night.  He will meow and scratch at the floor if we even consider shutting him out.  So he’s welcome to sleep with us.

So… the hunt continues.

Anyone want to own up to making mistakes in your decorating choices? Any suggestions for shops that sell great bedding?  I’m getting desperate here.

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