You guys!!! I just have to tell you something. MY BED IS GETTING MARRIED.

Secret Linen Review

Oh, wait. No, that’s not it. But I feel like I put a gorgeous wedding dress on it the other day. And oh I could have cried, it was so beautiful…

*wipes away single tear*

*regains composure*

Hang on, I think I need to back up a bit here…

Recently, I was contacted by Molly from Secret Linen. They sell beautiful bedlinen at ridiculously good prices and she asked if I would like to review one of their bed sets. Well, here’s the thing – I have one reasonably nice set of bed linen and a second set that goes on when that one is in the wash which is pretty old and looking tired now. So adding another set was definitely something I was interested in (because I’ll be honest, that old set is ready for retirement now).

What I hadn’t expected was how freaking lovely everything was when it came in. Not just the bed linen itself (I’ll get to that in a second) but how lovingly it was all packaged.

It comes inside a wonderful thick paper bag which Meisha immediately decided to commandeer because well, she loves anything she can hide inside.

Bengal in a bag on the bed (weirdo)

The contents of the packaging were lovely too, tied up in ribbon which makes you feel like you are opening a present. And I admit, I do like me some presents.

Secret Linen Bedding Review

Also contained inside were just thoughtful little items – a set of Teapig peppermint tea bags and an envelope which contained ideas for breakfast in bed. How lovely is that? I do like when packaging just adds to the experience of buying a product, don’t you?

Secret Linen Packaging

But obviously, the proof is in the pudding right? So unwrapping my bedding, I realised something – the feel of it was heavy and luxuriously soft. The sateen finish was exactly as I’d felt in times past staying in gorgeous hotels where you feel a bit like a princess.

When I showed Wayne, he felt the fabric, looked at me with wide eyes and said with slight panic in his voice, “This is too nice to sleep on.”

White bedding from Secret Linen

Yes, it was that good. I so wish I had a way to let you guys feel the material through your screen but you’ll just have to trust me when I say the quality is exceptional. The finish was also incredible and you can see this is not the kind of linen you pick up at your local supermarket or Ikea. This is good stuff – fancy stuff.

The bedding I chose was the Luxury 600 thread count plain white bedding set.  Dressing my bed in it was like getting my bed ready for a marriage – all that white sateen swirling around, the light glimmering off of it. IT WAS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL. I felt like an orchestra should have been playing softly in the background.

Secret Linen Bedding, Yellow Headboard, Black Bedroom

Slipping into this bedding at night is like pretending you are a VIP at a luxury hotel. It envelops you in softness, slides against your skin and keeps you warm but not hot. I imagine in summer it would work much the same way, the coolness would be perfect.

Swoon Worthy bedroom - Secret Linen bedding review

I slept like a baby and I had to wrench myself up from it again this morning. I just wanted to stay luxuriating in all that softness.

Now, I chose a white set because I have so much going on in terms of colour and pattern in my bedroom that I find it suits the room best. But they have so many other styles and colours to choose from. Here are a few of my favourites:

Secret Linen Bedding

L-R, top to bottom: Teasles Navy Cotton / Ferns Graphite Grey Cotton / Ikat Stripe Grey Cotton / Teasles Dove Grey Cotton / Graphite Grey Relaxed Denim / Pink Relaxed Denim

Here’s what they say on the website:

We only use high quality cotton from long staple yarns in all our bed linen sets. Made with 100% Cotton (50% Egyptian), our woven collection of cotton bedding uses soft calming whites, and subtle colours, to bring the individual style of jacquard weaving to life. We use thread counts between 200 and 600 threads per square inch on our bed linen, an industry standard for premium quality.  We have three types of finishing…soft & snuggly, sateen sheen or crisp cool percale. Satisfy luxury and style, and save your pennies too.

And the best part? You can get a little of this action too because Secret Linen are providing a discount for Swoon Worthy readers! Whoop!

black bedroom with yellow headboard

Get 10% off* your Secret Linen order with Code WELCOMESW10

So tell me… any favourites of Secret Linen’s selections? And have you ever slipped into bedding that you thought “OH MY GOD I NEED TO MARRY THIS IMMEDIATELY!” ? Because I figure my bed has a dress, it’s only a matter of time before we tie the knot.


This post is in association with Secret Linen and duvet cover, pillow cases and fitted sheet were all provided to me free for review but all words, opinions and sad attempts at humour are of course, my very own. As always, I only share products and services of things I really like on Swoon Worthy and think you’ll like too! Thanks for supporting the businesses that support Swoon Worthy.

*valid until 15/03/15 – not available on clearance items

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