I’ve been thinking about my bedside tables recently. I know that’s a bit of a weird thing to think about but sometimes I feel like little areas of my home need a bit of a shakeup. As I’ve said a million times before, the best way to give your space a bit of a refresh is just by swapping accessories from one room to another. It’s effortless and it’s easy and it doesn’t have to cost you a precious penny. So this week, I figured I’d have a bit of a play and create some different looks. You can call it ‘styling’ if you want – for me, I just call it faffing for fun.

Disclaimer: Please excuse our skanky rug in this room – it’s on the list of things we need to sort out and we’ll be completely removing it and refinishing the floors in here at some point. So until then, ugly skanky carpet remains. Sigh.

I created 3 different looks. Now obviously my bedside tables are pretty bold. They are bright blue and I have a bright yellow headboard and so that will dictate a bit in terms of what colours look right in the space. However, even if you have more subtle furniture than I do, I hope you can still take a few things from this post!

I'm sharing three different looks and giving my advice on how to style a bedside table. Check out my post for styling tips, how to advice and more!

Look #1 – Boho Brights

I have such colourful furniture in here so I figured for the first look, I’d just go with a bright bohemian look. My existing lampshades are covered with Chiang Mai Dragon fabric in AlabasterΒ and I still love this pattern a good few years after I first spotted it. It just seems to tie in every bold colour scheme I can come up with!

Find out how to style a bedside table and create a Boho Brights look

I think every vignette needs a bit of plantlife so I chose this really cute succulent in a plain pot to add some life. A candle is also a must – I mean a bedroom can get pretty stuffy so it’s nice to have nice smelling things in here right? #keepingitreal

Check out my tips on how to style a bedside table and create a Boho Brights look

Also, I like to read when I get the chance so leaving some books on the bedside table always encourages me to switch off the phone or laptop and engross myself in a book. A notepad and pen is also handy to jot down your thoughts keep them from swimming around in your head when you’re trying to get to sleep!

Follow my tips and find out how to Style a Bedside Table with a Boho Brights theme

I also really love that artwork in this space. I ‘stole’ it from the office but I’m now considering that I need some bigger artwork above my bedside tables because it just worked really well with the scale of the bed.

Does your bedroom follow a Boho Brights theme? Find out how to style a bedside table to match!

Look #2 – Natural Organic

For this one, I tried to keep things really free flowing, really organic. I love organic shapes – from the softness of that Maidenhair fern to the artwork to the curve of my vintage bowl, it all echoes the shapes we see in nature.

Follow my tips on how to Style a Bedside Table and create a Natural Organic look.

I resisted adding any colour in here – instead I played with pattern. I think layering patterns when they all fall into the same tight palette really pulls everything together and using neutrals makes it so much easier to do.

Does your bedroom have a Natural Organic feel? Find out how to a style a bedside table to match!

I think just much any bedside table vignette should have some kind of pretty bowl to leave your rings or earrings or everyday jewellery – it’s just convenient and looks cute.

Follow my tips to find out how to Style a Bedside Table with a Natural Organic feel.Check out my tips on how to Style a Bedside Table with a Natural Organic look

Look #3 – Glamorous Vixen

Now of course, this final look is probably my favourite. It’s sexy with lots of black and gold and animal print – I mean, what is there not to like?

Follow my tips and find out how to Style a Bedside Table with a Glamorous Vixen look

That sexy illustration really sets the mood here and so I decided to go with the black and gold theme by tying in a gold skull candle and that fabulous palm tree lamp. Glamtastic.

Does your bedroom have a Glamorous Vixen vibe? Find out how to style a bedside table to match!

A pop of flowers is always welcome however to soften the scheme and a pretty espresso cup is always a nice reminder that your other half should probably greet you with a cup of coffee first thing in the morning before trying to talk to you (hint hint).

Find out how to Style a Bedside Table following a Glamorous Vixen theme

Again on the topic of mixing patterns, note the three different scales here – the largest scale in the artwork, then the medium scale in the tray and finally the small scale in the cup. If all the patterns were the same size, they’d be fighting each other – and fighting in the bedroom? Well, bedrooms should be for making up as far as I’m concerned! ;)

Find out how to style a bedside table in three completely different ways!

After that little exercise, I’m now thinking of moving the palm tree lamps in here, getting some bigger art for each side and throwing in a little animal print!Β Of course, once I decide for sure, I’ll let you know because it’ll probably be a combination of all three looks!

How to Style a Bedside Table in 3 Different Ways - Swoon Worthy

So those are my three different looks – tell me, which do you like best? The sexy vampy look? The bohemian bright look? Or the organic and natural look? Β I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Also, make sure you come back on Wednesday because there’s gonna be a fun little colourful challenge that you can take part in and I’d love for you to join me!

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