I realise it may be a little weird to be reviewing a mattress on my blog. I will say that even though we’ve really needed to replace our mattress for probably the last year and I’ve actually been approached by a number of different mattress retailers over the years, I’ve refused to do a review for every single one because I just felt like it was one of those ‘necessary’ items we all use in our homes but it wasn’t exactly sexy or interesting – certainly not sexy or interesting enough to cover on my blog.

That is, until I was approached by Eve Mattress.

Swoon Worthy black bedroom with yellow velvet headboard

What’s so different about Eve? Well, kind of everything. And that’s what excited me. Plus, I mean, LOOK AT IT. IT MATCHES MY BED.

Eve Mattress Review 1

Anyway, the fact that it matched was just a bonus! Also, that photo of Wayne was not staged – that was his actual look of contentment when he laid on it the first time!

I will say right off the bat that I am never ever provided an item on the basis of a positive review. This does NOT happen and everything I’m saying is my honest opinion and my own personal experience. If I didn’t like it, I would simply send it back and you’d not have heard a thing about it. I only accept and review items here that I actually WANT to share with you. Okay so we’re clear there, right? Good. It’s important to me you know this.

So getting back to what’s different. The manufacturers of the Eve Mattress were originally from large mattress retailers. They understood that giving people a million different choices of mattresses ended up being a ridiculously complicated affair and manufacturing a million different choices wasn’t cheap and that was reflected in their costs and overheads and in the price of those mattresses. It also made it confusing for customers who were overwhelmed and not sure what to choose, being forced to feel all weird and vulnerable laying on different mattresses that other people have probably laid on before them in the middle of some superstore just to test out which was best. Awkward.

So they left their respective mattress businesses behind and started their own. They decided they were only going to make ONE type of mattress. Yep, that’s it. Just one. And set out to figure out what THE PERFECT MATTRESS actually was.

Eve Mattress Review - Swoon Worthy

They also set out to make the customer buying experience as easy and as practical as possible. This meant an online shop only, translating into no middle men, no excessive mark-up and it’s delivered to your doorstep in a box. There’s also a 100 day trial period so if at any time you decide it’s not perfect for you, they will come and pick it up at no cost. So it’s really a no-brainer.

I wanted to go through the same customer service experience as you guys would do so I placed my order online. When you shop on the site, there’s a handy little live chat box that opens if you need to ask a question but there’s lots of great information on the site and it’s really easy to use. Once I chose my mattress size (remember, there’s only one type of mattress so only one product page to look at!) and went through the buying process (it connects to Paypal if you need it, which I find invaluable so I don’t need to go running for my purse and I know my purchase is protected) and that was all there was to it. Super straight-forward.

I placed my order on Thursday. On Friday, I received a text message saying my mattress was out for delivery and on Saturday morning, I received another text telling me my mattress was on it’s way. The mattress was delivered by around 9am on Saturday. That’s not bad, eh?

The mattress arrived in a big huge yellow (rather heavy just to warn you) box and once opened, you are greeted by a happy message and your mattress snugly curled up inside. The box is fairly easy to then pull apart at the seams.

Eve Mattress Delivery

Once the mattress is removed from the box (which is really cute in itself with lots of quotes about sunshine and new days), it’s in a lightweight bag. The mattress has had a lot of the air removed from it when it first arrives (making it cheaper to transport than a traditional mattress) so revealing it from it’s cocoon is rather exciting ;) And yes, I totally let Wayne struggle with that himself – my excuse is that I was wielding the camera!! Ha!

Eve Mattress Delivery 2

We then removed the protective plastic from the mattress and laid it on the bed! It started to fluff up almost instantly although it was still a little soft at that point. It takes around 4 hours for the Eve mattress to fully regain it’s air and overnight, it goes to full capacity (it’s like magic I swear).

Eve Mattress Review

The cover is a soft knit fabric that feels soft and lovely, not like that scratchy awful polyester that most mattresses are covered with. Below the cover there is a layer of memory foam which is natural, antimicrobial and keeps your body cool whilst providing a bit of ‘bounce’ – this also moulds to your body when you put your weight on it. It’s INCREDIBLY comfortable and you really feel the full support of it.

Eve Mattress Review

Below the layer of memory foam is polyurethane foam which helps supports the top layer and really, you just feel cradled. I have NO issue with getting comfy before sleeping now – I have had issues with previous mattresses of moving into various different positions just trying to get comfortable and with this, as soon as you are in a horizontal position, you feel like you can just stay there FOREVER. So nice.

Eve Mattress Review

The final layer is high density foam which provides a more firm support for the upper layers. The incredible thing about this bed is that it feels both soft AND firm. Which to me sounds like some kind of voodoo witchcraft but is apparently the result of a lot of research and testing by the guys at Eve.

Eve Mattress Review - Swoon Worthy

I have to say guys, I’m a total convert. I mean, I wish I could invite you all around for a sleepover because that’s the only way I could convince you that this is the BEST and MOST COMFORTABLE mattress I have ever slept on. And it’s not just me. Wayne has said exactly the same thing (although his words were actually, “It’s f***ing awesome…” because he’s a potty mouth, apologies). I think Meisha approves as well.

Bengal in black bedroom Meisha Swoon Worthy

We have both slept better on this mattress in the last week and a half than we have in years and let’s face it – we’re not exactly young, we sometimes wake up with mysterious aches and pains (it’s a hard fact of life, peeps, that’s what happens once you pass 40). But with this bed? We wake up feeling GOOD. I can’t get over how the quality of our sleep has really been affected. It’s SO much more comfortable than a spring bed and more supportive than a memory foam mattress.

Swoon Worthy - black bedroom with yellow velvet headboard

You can check out Eve Mattress on their site and with a 100 day money back guarantee, I have no doubt you’ll be just as convinced as I am.

Have you ever fallen in love with a mattress? What do you think of Eve?


*This post contains affiliate links which just means that if you purchase the bed via my link, I get a small commission which doesn’t affect the price you pay at all, it just helps me buy pretty cushions to decorate my bed! I received the mattress free for my review but like I always say, I only work with companies I really like and think you will like too and I genuinely LOVE this mattress! Thanks so much for supporting the businesses that support Swoon Worthy! 

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