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VIDEO: How to Create a Faux Marble Shelf

You all know my obsession with marble-effect contact paper or sticky back plastic as it's known here in the UK. I have used it throughout my home for various projects - you can see my marble topped chest of drawers, the floating vanity we created for the dressing room...

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The REVEAL of My Eclectic Boho Glam Dining Room!

You have no idea how excited I am to finally be sharing this room with you. And I know everyone is just gonna scroll down to the pics (because yeah, I'd be doing that too) but since early February when we started the work on this room, not one inch of the space hasn't...

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Dining Room Remodel: The Fireplace Before and After!

I am so excited to finally be sharing the fireplace remodel in the dining room with you. It's taken us a good few weekends to get this done but I have to say, I'm so pleased with the final look!! It took longer than we'd planned as we hit a few snags along the way and...

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Dining Room Remodel: Choosing Tiles for the Fireplace

First off, sorry for the lack of post on Friday! I had a crazy week with not one but TWO film crews in my home. The first, I can't really talk about just yet (promise I will spill all as soon as I'm able) but the second is the one I spoke a little bit about in this...

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Dining Room Remodel: Installing Wall Panels!

So for the last two weekends, we've been working on all the wall panels (or moulding) on the dining room walls. We probably would have finished it last weekend but half way through the work, our staple gun decided to die so we had to move on to a few other...

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Dining Room Remodel: My Jamil Natural Chairs!!

OMG you guys. I picked up my chairs at the upholsterer's this afternoon and so in love with them I am that I had to share with you straight away. I couldn't wait. If you have been following along with our little dining room remodel, you'll know that I decided to...

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Dining Room Remodel: A brighter space already!

So the last time I talked about the dining room remodel, we'd managed to put the pine flooring down while Wayne suffered from a sore throat that turned into strep throat. He lost his voice for a while and we lost about 5 days of work time because I insisted he rest at...

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Dining Room Remodel: Laying Flooring

If you've come here today hoping for pretty pictures, I'll just apologise now and tell you there isn't going to be any. If you want to see what the reality is behind all those pretty pictures, however, welcome to my post! Work started this weekend on the flooring. It...

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Dining Room Remodel: Choosing a Sideboard

So the weather has been absolutely shocking and picture-taking a complete disaster the last few weeks which will explain why I haven't been able to share much in the way of brand new images lately. It's a bit disheartening when you want to share stuff but it's so...

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