So in my post on Monday, I shared the painted walls in our room in Farrow & Ball’s Blackened which I absolutely love. Over the last weekend as it was a 4 day bank holiday weekend here in England, we took advantage and threw everything we had into getting this room as done as possible. As fate would have it, Wayne was struck down with illness for the second time in this remodel on Saturday. As I’d mentioned in this post, I had a film crew coming on Friday (a fun collaboration but no, I’m not going to be on TV, don’t get overexcited) so the room had to be as camera-ready as possible by then (more on this in a minute). This obviously could not have come at a worse time as I had a list for him as long as my arm and I had my own list of things to do that was just as long. Stressed is not even the word.

Thankfully, he was able to power through for a few hours here and there and got most of the stuff that I was desperate for his help on done (thank you baby, I love you loads and get better soon) so I could just get on with the work while he took lots of sleep breaks, working on getting better. So on Saturday, I got up at 6am and at 7:30am, I was finishing up any small bits of painting I had to do. By 10am, I started on the wallpaper.

Wallpapering with Eades Bespoke wallpaper

The lovely folks at Eades Bespoke had been in touch about working with me and after seeing Kolmiolehti in white – a brand new design not even yet released at that point to the market – I anxiously awaited the sample. I’d fallen in love with it on the screen but ordered a few other samples at the time just in case. When I received it, it was love at first sight and knew it’d be the perfect contemporary foil for the more traditional moulding work we’d had planned for the rest of the space. Even better, the paper is all from FSC certified forests so it’s ethically harvested as well. Excellent.

(There’s also a fabulous discount at the end of this post for Swoon Worthy readers!!)

Eades Bespoke Kolmiolehti wallpaper roll

Back to the wallpapering. I know there are still people out there that think I sit around directing Wayne every time we do a remodel – perhaps with a cocktail in hand and a clipboard in the other (I actually quite like that idea) but the truth is, I’m just as much involved in the DIY around here as he is – I’m just normally the one yielding the camera!  Two jobs I always tend to do is the painting and wallpapering around here. So I was absolutely thrilled that the paper was paste-the-wall which means there is absolutely no soaking time, no waiting for the paper to expand with the glue, no messing around with sloppy wet paper, no waiting around whatsoever. You simply apply your wallpaper adhesive to the wall and stick on the paper. SO EASY.

Wallpapering with Eades Bespoke wallpaper

It’s also exceptional quality – nice and thick but with enough give to make it easy to wrap around the corners of the hearth. I’ve hung quite a lot of wallpaper in my time and I know good quality paper when I see it hang it ;) The better quality paper really makes such easy work of wallpapering.

Wallpapering with Eades Bespoke wallpaper

As a little proof that I actually hung the wallpaper myself, Wayne actually grabbed my camera and took some pics as I was hanging it in my beat up jeans, old boots, oversized crappy jumper and unwashed hair – ALL THE GLAMOUR.

Also, even though I’ve lost quite a bit of weight this past year, my ass has gone nowhere. #puertoricangirlproblems #babygotback

Wallpapering with Eades Bespoke wallpaper

And here’s what it looked like once we’d put the mantle back into place. Bear in mind at this point the fireplace was still unpainted – I’ve painted it black since these pictures were taken!

Wallpapering with Eades Bespoke wallpaper

Obviously, we still need to tile out the fireplace and create the hearth but I’m absolutely in love with the combination of this pattern with my chairs…

Wallpapering with Eades Bespoke wallpaper

And I adore the contrast with the soft grey walls and moulding…

Wallpapering with Eades Bespoke wallpaper

I wanted to also share a few other wallpapers from Eades Bespoke that caught my eye. They have some amazing designs so please do check out their site!! Also, the lovely peeps at Eades Bespoke are offering Swoon Worthy readers a limited time 20% off discount!! Whoop!


*one use per customer, 20% off applies to wallpaper only, discount code ends midnight on 31 May 2016.

Eades Bespoke Wallpaper - see more at

Gorgeous no? I wish I had more walls to be honest with you – so many really unusual designs and they are all British designed and printed digitally on non-woven paper which gives the papers a beautiful crisp look that’s really easy to hang. They are also customisable for a small fee – so if you see something you like but need it perhaps in a different colourway, then get in touch with the kind peeps at Eades Bespoke. They’ve been such a pleasure to work with so please tell them I sent you! ;)

So back to the filming… well, of course, as is bound to happen, with Wayne being ill, he ended up giving it to me! So we are both currently battling illness and my energy levels this week have just gone to nothing, the room is still not completely ready to be seen and I’ve had to postpone the filming for another week to recover fully! Ack! Worst timing ever! So yeah, we are giving ourselves the weekend off to just rest and get ourselves better. But I couldn’t resist giving you a little sneaky peek at how things are coming along…

Dining room with graphic wallpaper - see more at

We are nearly there!! The only things left to do are the tiles for the fireplace and then finally we can finish the flooring (it still needs another coat of stain and then the poly on top of that which takes 5 days to fully cure). So once those are both done, then I’ll share the full reveal!

In the meantime, what do you think of the wallpaper? Are there any other designs from Eades Bespoke that caught your eye?


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Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post but did receive the wallpaper free in exchange for my honest review. As always, all images, words and opinions are my very own. I only work with companies I really like and think you will too! Thanks for supporting the brands that support Swoon Worthy!


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