I had another post scheduled for today and I decided to scrap it because it bored ME writing it and so god knows how you would have felt reading it. The reason I’d written it, however, was because I wasn’t able to share with you the new design of the dining room but I still wanted to talk about the dining room. You can say I’m slightly (understatement) obsessed with this space at the moment.

The problem was I couldn’t reveal the full design until I had one last piece of the puzzle – the wallpaper I’d chosen. I had been waiting on samples for a bit and of course, without the sample, I wasn’t 100% sure it was going on the walls and because it was such a big part of the design, I needed to be sure of it before I could reveal all.

Well, I’m happy to say, the wallpaper sample arrived just yesterday and you can say, I’m pretty freakin’ enamoured by it. In fact, I’m pretty freakin’ enamoured with the whole design.

wallpaper sample

Now, I know full well some of you will still be a little disappointed because those glorious dark blue walls are going. I know, I know, me too. But genuinely, it was time to freshen up this room and it’s given me the chance to really think through what I wanted from the space and well, I’m the one who’s living here so yeah, I love you guys and all but well, I gotta think of me here – ha!

So… let’s get this all out of the way by looking at the design first, shall we?

*drumroll please*

*cymbals crash*

This is the main wall as you walk into the room…

Swoon Worthy Dining Room Design Main

As you can see, the walls will be a pale grey colour – I’m still deciding exactly which grey but there’s so much to do before we get to paint that I’m not in a huge rush.

The table and chairs are staying but I’m having the chairs reupholstered in my favourite Braemore Jamil Natural Animal Velvet fabric. Honestly, I would cover my entire body in this fabric if I didn’t think my cat Meisha would get jealous.

jamil fabric

The flooring will be completely replaced with like-for-like pine stained in a dark colour – the same as we did in both the office and the living room (eventually the whole house will have matching floors once we get around to it! More projects to add to the to-do list). As much as I’d love to keep the flooring in here and restore it, there are just too many boards that are a complete mess and it’s like a patchwork quilt of where boards have already been replaced (and subsequently trashed) – it’s not pretty.

The fireplace mantle will be repainted black and we’ll be tiling inside with marble tiles. I am still waiting for some tile samples at the moment before I make a decision but that’s the plan.


The existing hearth will be removed and a new one put in. We’re also looking at getting a little biofuel fireplace for in here as well to add some extra warmth to the space. I love how simple this design is but more on that later!

black and white speckled cowhide

The rug will be a cowhide from Hide & Seek London – I adore my cowhides because they are so indestructible – I have one in the living room and one in my dressing room and I adore them both and with 3 mental animals running around our house, I need something that can withstand a bit more than the previous one in here!

A bit of shelving will be going in as well – probably a DIY for that one seeing how amazing this one from my style sista Shannon’s came out above!

We’re going to be panelling the walls as I discussed in this post and the artwork was discussed in this post. As you can see, Marie by Gina Julian has got pride of place naturally.

The light fixture is staying too – gotta make the most of what I already have, right?

And finally the wallpaper – a really graphic brand spankin’ new pattern from Eades Bespoke. It has just the most beautiful colours with what appears to be digital prints of butterfly wings. Oh my god.

wallpaper 3

Again, more on this later but it picks up the other colours in the space and the splash of animal print so well and I’m absolutely thrilled that I loved the sample in person as much as I did on the screen!

For the other walls… This is the wall where the TV is currently (the real wall is not as long as my mockup but you get the idea anyway).

Swoon Worthy Dining Room Design wall 2

The artwork will be the star here but I want a mid-century low-lying sideboard in a really simple design like this one. I haven’t found the magic ‘beautiful but within my budget’ sideboard just yet but it’s on the list so the one you see here is just a stand in.

And for the 3rd wall where the black console is currently between the two doors on that wall…

Swoon Worthy Dining Room Design wall 3

I’m considering using the same wallpaper in the panel that will be directly behind the TV – I’m not sure of this one yet and I may not include it so we’ll see. The console table is staying as well but I think my cow skull will go above it. Again, this isn’t necessarily to scale and the ceiling is actually a bit higher than what it looks like here but hopefully you get the idea.

Again, I’ll be going into a little more detail as the project unfolds on all of this – super exciting and I can’t wait!!

Soooooo… that means that the current white sideboard is going, my beautiful white sunburst mirror is going  (I have no where else in my home to put it!) and I’m letting go of the beach print too. If you are local to me and want to make me an offer on any one of these, leave a comment below! Otherwise, they’ll be listed soon on eBay.

White sideboard for sale

Framed beach print for saleWhite sunburst mirror for sale

We will be starting work the first week in February – it’s my birthday next week and my MIL’s birthday 2 days before that and we’ll be going out for dinner and also seeing a show later that week so it’ll be too busy to be ripping up flooring! But the week after is the week the chaos shall begin! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!

I’ll be dropping the chairs at the upholsterer’s as soon as I get the fabric in and we need to order the floorboards soon. It’s going to be CAH-RAY-ZEE because this is the middle room in our home and basically connects the living room with the kitchen and not being able to use the floors in here for a bit should be fun! Wish me luck!

Anyway, what do you think of the new look? Ready to join me for a big ol’ remodel? I’m almost afraid to hear your responses!! I shall sit here now with my hands over my eyes waiting for your comments.


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