Well suffice it to say, I haven’t posted much on my blog recently simply because, like everyone else out there, I’m a little lost for words. It feels insensitive to be talking about home interiors when things are feeling quite serious out there in the world and to be totally truthful, I’ve struggled with how to approach it all. 

But the fact is, that a lot of us are going to be spending a lot more time at home. Either you’re already doing it or you will be soon. And so, as we are all kind of in this together, I figured perhaps a nice distraction is actually exactly what we need. It’s hard watching the news every single day, seeing your social media feeds exploding with crisis and panic and not feel like we need some relief from it all – to just get our minds off of what’s going on and retreat to our sanctuaries.

Because if there was ever a time to talk about home – and I’ve been doing it for nearly a decade – it’s now, isn’t it? Our homes should be the place we consider our oasis in this world, a place where we are with our nearest and dearest, a place we feel safe and warm and protected and loved. And for me, creating a home I love has been my favourite thing to do – not just since I started writing this blog but for decades.

Things to do When You're Stuck at home

So in light of that, I thought today as a bit of a break from all the noise of what’s happening, I’d offer a round-up of ideas of things to do if you’ve had holiday plans quashed, you’re working from home and just need a bit of a break or you’re feeling restless because being ‘stuck indoors’ isn’t actually all that bad – in fact, as an introvert, well, I feel like I’ve been practicing for this my whole life (any other introverts with me on that one?!) ;)

All of my suggestions can be done without leaving the house and will make the most of the extra time you have on your (thoroughly washed) hands. Some you may need to order in some supplies – but if you can’t get them, there are plenty of other things you can do just with what already have.

Cleaning, Tidying and Organising

peach bathroom in Victorian home with gold octagon mirror and brass shelving

Okay, so let’s just start with the one that’s not terribly sexy but it will still give you an incredible amount of satisfaction when it’s done. I mean, who wants to be stuck in a house that’s a mess? And given the current situation, you might as well take the opportunity to give your home a good deep clean.

Start with how I tackle a full home clean, working from top to bottom, front to back, downstairs to upstairs with the hallway in between. The methods I use mean I get the whole house done more efficiently, tackling rooms in turn until they are all sparkling. 

pale green and marble kitchen with pink and gold accents

Is it time to finally tackle that bulging wardrobe or the cabinet that you’re too afraid to open for fear of what might come tumbling out? Now is a great time to get your space organised. If you didn’t see last week’s blog post, I shared all the ways I keep my home organised and suggestions for keeping on top of the clutter. I also refer to my method of deciding what stays and what goes, going beyond just asking if it ‘sparks joy’ but breaking it down easier to decide whether something is worth holding on to.

As is always the case, cleaning is never a once-and-done thing (how great would that be if it were) so keeping on top of things (especially if you’ve got kids home from school) is a bit of a never-ending battle. I shared my tips for how to keep a tidy house. My home is never more than around 15 minutes away from being ‘visitor-ready’ but that’s partly because I do just a little bit every day – I promise none of it takes very long, it’s simply getting into a routine so why not use this time at home to form great habits?

Refresh with a Re-Shuffle

vintage brass shelving unit styled with books art and candles

If you know me well, you’ll know I love nothing more than a good faff with my home’s accessories. It’s a great way to give your space a new look without spending any money. How’s it done? You’re simply ‘shopping your home’, choosing textiles, artwork, objects, trays, plants – basically anything you can pick up easily and move – into a different space or area to give it new context. I can’t tell you how much of a difference a simple re-shuffle will make.

I think its very easy to stop ‘seeing’ items in your home when they’ve been stuck in the same spot in your home for months. Change the context, change the look. I talked through the process of shopping your home here and I also mention it again when I discuss giving your entire house a shakeup if you’re looking to do more than just one room.

Figure Out Your Style

bedroom with pink bed and black and white mural with gold light fixture

One thing I’ve heard from so many people over the years is that they are unsure of what style to choose for their home – they like a bit of everything but trying to balance everything is a bit of a nightmare. Or they change their mind too often or they find themselves too influenced by the current trends. How in the world do you know what to choose when the choices are overwhelming?

Considering you’re probably going to be stuck inside for a bit, it might be a great time to really dig down and figure out what your true style really is – its something that takes a bit of time initially but I promise it will make shopping and planning for your home a million times easier. Mine has been “Eclectic Boho Glam” for years and years and while my tastes or preferences for colour have changed in that time, those three core words still completely speak to my own personal style. I’ve shared exactly how to figure out your personal style using Pinterest in this post

Need proof that it works? Here are 3 case studies sharing the experiences of people who’ve tried it.

Get Crafty

pink DIY double loop gold and pink fringed wall hanging

Fancy picking up a crafty project to try? If you can use some of your time to get creative, I have quite a few ideas you can try so I’m just going to list them out here. Click on the links and it’ll open in a new window. My suggestion would be to pin the first image of anything you might consider giving a go so you can save them to your Pinterest boards and then get any supplies you may need as soon as possible while deliveries (for the moment) are still being made so you can plan ahead!

Get Your Makeover Plans Off the Ground

pink and gold guest bedroom with vintage rattan shelving unit and yellow velvet art deco headboard

Finally, it could be a great time to get those projects you keep meaning to get around to finally started. We all have a million jobs we’d love to do around our homes if only we had the time. Well, as they say there’s no time like the present so why not start by planning your makeover with my tips? This post will give you a structure in terms of your planning process, understanding the stages involved before you even pick up a paintbrush.

Already have a plan in place but haven’t started yet? Here’s how to get started on one you’ve been putting off. Believe me, I’ve given myself every excuse in the book to delay getting a project off the ground but when it comes down to it, often it is only ourselves in the way of creating the home that will truly make us happy.

Fancy just doing a few small jobs that make a big difference? Check out my post on how I approach smaller refreshes and mini-makeovers here.

Practice Gratefulness

coffee table with dried flowers and vintage white chest of drawers in background

And finally, even if you can’t do much at this time or you are struggling with remaining postive, please remember there are always always reasons to be grateful no matter what our lot. I speak in this post about how to love the home you have right now – even in all its imperfect glory.

So hopefully my suggestions will keep you busy but I just wanted to say that I’m going to continue to post as I normally do over here on Swoon Worthy as best I can. I think sometimes we just need a break from all the noise and so please don’t misunderstand my continuing posts as me ignoring the situation or not understanding there’s a much bigger picture. I’m going to continue to make this a positive space and one that’s encouraging you to make your home the best it can possibly be. Stay safe and wash your hands ;) xxx

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