So I was perusing Jonathan Adler’s website recently, looking at all the beautiful dreamy offerings that would entail remortgaging to afford and came across a set of fabulous black and gold malachite style coasters. At £78 for the set of four, they are definitely an investment sort of item and one that I’m going to guess that not many of us can just go out and buy on a whim. I mean, I wouldn’t think twice about spending that sort of money on maybe a light fixture or a splurging on a set of beautiful cutlery but for 4 coasters? Erm. Nope.

Jonathan Adler Inspired DIY Malachite Coasters feature image

Jonathan Adler Knockoff DIY Malachite Coasters - see more at

Well, I knew as soon as I saw them that I could probably DIY them for a lot less. In the end, this whole DIY cost me £4. I had most of what I needed already to hand but even if you were buying everything from scratch, you are still looking at saving a whole heap of money and you’ll have the materials to do other things with them too (I mean, who doesn’t need some black spray paint?).

So here’s my version…

Jonathan Adler Malachite Coasters DIY - see how to create these on

And here are the ones on Jonathan Adler’s website…

original jonathan adler malachite coasters - see the DIY version on

Pretty difficult to tell the difference, right? The only real difference is that mine are a bit larger than the originals because I just wanted to be able to use them around the house and not necessarily as coasters per se, but if you have some really small ceramic plates closer to the original size, well, you can certainly do that. In fact, you can use whatever size you wanted for these.

Jonathan Adler Knockoff DIY Malachite Coasters - see more at

Now let me assure you these are EASY to do. It took me a couple of hours on a sunny afternoon and most of that was just waiting for paint to dry. The actual design took about an hour to do all four plates. And ya know, it was actually kind of therapeutic.

Jonathan Adler Knockoff DIY Malachite Coasters - see more at


Please note, these are NOT safe for food given the products I used to create them. If you want food-safe ones, please do your research on the types of products you’ll need to create this. They are also not dishwasher safe although you can hand-wash them.

Here’s what you’ll need…

Jonathan Adler Malachite Coasters DIY materials

* denotes affiliate link. You don’t pay any more but I earn a few pennies on every purchase to buy some pretties! Win win!

And here’s how it’s done…

Make sure you protect your surfaces when spraying and use any spray paints in a well-ventilated area or even better, outside.

Lightly spray your plates with the primer and allow to dry.

Follow this with a light coat of black spray paint keeping the can about 8-10″ away from each plate and moving your arm continously left to right to prevent drips. Check the spray paint can to see how long to leave between each coat and don’t be tempted to overload the paint – it’s better to do a few light coats than one heavy one! Once that coat is dry, spray a second time.

DIY Malachite Coasters Step 1 and 2

Once the second coat is completely dry, it’s time to pull out your gold sharpie. I found it was easier to start with a few circles and just start drawing concentric lines.

DIY Malachite Coasters

Drawing concentric circles diy malachite coasters

I had the website open while I was working but it was more to give me an idea of how large my circles should be to start off with and from there, I sort of just winged it.

DIY malachite coasters with gold sharpie

There is so much margin here – you almost can’t mess this up. You don’t want your lines to be too evenly spaced so it makes it easier when they don’t need to be perfect. Leave some blank space and fill in some others in a few areas to give it a more natural look.

When you are done with the plates, leave to dry and then coat with a spray of protective clear coat. This will prevent any scratching and allow you to wash them by hand if required. Again, these aren’t food safe, pretty as they are!

Jonathan Adler Knockoff DIY Malachite Coasters - see more at

And that’s it! In the end, I was pretty pleased with how quick, cheap and easy it was to do – my favourite kind of DIY! Your turn now… what do you think of my Jonathan Adler knock off? Is this something you would try?


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