I can never have too many trays. That’s just a fact. But finding cute, clever and inexpensive ones is not quite as easy. I have loads already at home but I of course, wanted another – something fun and graphic in my favourite finish. Gold, of course.


As you may know if you’ve been following me here for a while that I absolutely adore the Queen of No-Holds-Barred Glam, Kelly Wearstler. Her designs are incredible and her products are always on my ‘when I win the lottery’ wishlist. So when I decided to give a really simple tray a makeover, I looked to her for inspiration.


Not her design but her wallpaper – Kelly Wearstler wallpaper via Neiman Marcus

Her ‘Channels’ wallpaper is what caught my eye. It’s fearless and fun and actually not that difficult to replicate.

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For this project, all I really used was some gold metallic sticky back plastic (or ‘contact paper’ for my American breathren) and let me tell you, it was so so easy.

Here’s all you need…



A white tray*

Gold sticky back plastic* (or contact paper for my American friends)

A soft tape measure*


For the full step-by-step on making this cute and simple glam tray, head on over to AO Life today to see how it was done.

The result!

And with a few simple strips cut and applied, here’s what it ended up looking like.



Super simple, inexpensive and stylish. My kind of DIY. I haven’t quite decided where it’s going to end up yet but I’m thinking (of course) the kitchen perhaps! Tiling is being done right now (literally as I type this) and the house is in a bit of chaos so apologies it’s not in its final spot just yet! Of course, everything gets moved around so frequently in this house that it’s likely it’ll move around about 5 times until then!

Hopefully I’ll be able to share more on the kitchen soon but in the meantime, I’m giving you some behind-the-scenes action on my Instagram Stories so if you aren’t following me there yet, please do!

In the meantime, is this a DIY you would try?


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