Obviously, summer is my prime ‘DIY’ time because I’m sharing two DIY projects in a row but this one is far easier than laying a whole parquet floor! I wanted a few bits for a small gallery wall I’ll be putting up in the dining room and I didn’t just want artwork so figured a wall hanging might be a nice addition.

Cue me looking at Etsy and seeing probably 100 of them and then thinking, ‘I can totally make one of those myself’! So that’s what I did. Obviously, I’m not the first nor the last person to create something like this but I thought it was such a simple project and it actually came out much better than I’d anticipated which is basically my criteria for any crafty project. Easy + Looks Good = Winner in my book.

DIY Double Gold Hoop Fringed Wall Hanging

I think the gold hoops really add a little bit of ‘glam’ to it’s boho vibes and of course, I wanted to use a dusty pink yarn to coordinate with my home but you could use wooden hoops if you wanted something a bit more bohemian and of course, you can choose any colour yarn you like. You can also make it longer or shorter depending on where you’re putting it. As an aside, it cost me less than £15 to make so it’s fairly inexpensive too. Basically, it’s pretty versatile and I’m already considering making another!

DIY wall hanging in pink with fringes and wood beads

If you’re curious to see how I made my wall hanging, read on…

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Materials You’ll Need for this Project

DIY Double Gold Hoop Fringed Wall Hanging Materials

1 x 25cm Gold Colour Coated Metal Ring 

1 x 15cm Gold Colour Coated Metal Ring

2 balls/skein (200g) of King Cole Bamboo Cotton Yarn in Dusty Pink


Wood beads

A couple of notes… I used all of one skein (ball of yarn) and a bit of another but if you want to make the project slightly less expensive, you could probably get away with just one especially if your fringe is not as long as mine is or you were happy for it to be a little less full. I also chose the Bamboo Yarn because I like the soft sheen it gave – the threads have a bit of a ‘glossy’ finish. However, you could use a yarn that’s 100% cotton if you wanted a more fluffy/softer look.

I also ended up taking apart an old wood bead necklace I had that I never wear but I’ve linked to an Amazon search above for a whole bunch of different options you can choose from. You could also get plain beads and spray paint them any colour to match your room decor!

How to Create Your Wall Hanging

Gold Hoop Wall Hanging Step 1

Step 1: Tie a short piece of yarn to join the two metal rings at the top and continue to twist the yarn around the top to hold them securely together. Tie a knot at the back and cut off any excess yarn. You can also use a drop of glue at the back to keep it securely fastened.

Gold Hoop Wall Hanging Step 2

Step 2: For the fringe, start by cutting your yarn to double the size you want it to hang down. For mine, I used a total length of 180cm so each strand when knotted was around 60cm long. I found it went a bit quicker doing 2 strands at a time, simply doubling the length each time and then cutting it in half to form 2 long strands which you’ll wrap around the hoop at the same time. This gave me a thicker knot when done which I thought aesthetically, looked nicer! 

Gold Hoop Wall Hanging Step 3

Step 3: Hopefully the image above explains the knot itself but you’ll want to take two long strands, folded in half and where it’s folded, you want to loop that under your largest ring and pull the ends through the loop to form a knot. Make sure the loop is behind the ring so you can see the knot from the front.

Gold Hoop Wall Hanging Step 4

Step 4: Repeat Step 3 many many times until you want to throw it across the room until the strands cover around 1/3 of the largest ring. Adjust and move the knots as you go to make sure they all look the same and line up nicely.

Gold Hoop Wall Hanging Step 5

Step 5: Cut another long length of yarn, fold it over the smallest ring at the top and then thread both strands through your wood beads. Tie the ends to the larger ring in the middle of your knots, hiding it within the others, leaving the strands to hang down and blend in.

DIY Double Gold Hoop Fringed Wall Hanging 1

And that’s it! Your wall hanging is ready to be hung! I think all in, it only took me a couple of hours to do and I might do another, adding an additional layer of fringe in a contrasting colour to the smaller ring instead of the beads for a different look next time. Of course, if you want to get fancy, you can search YouTube for all kinds of macrame knots to make it even more bohemian but I quite liked the simplicity of this style.

Is this a DIY you’d try yourself? Let me know in the comments!

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