If you live in the UK or have been watching the news recently, you’ll know thatΒ things have been a bit crazy here in the UK. With the majority vote to leave the European Union and all the ramifications and fears that have followed, I’m personally still trying to come to terms with the decision. While I don’t tend to discuss politics here on the blog, of course, this has affected everyone and has certainly been at the forefront of my own mind over the past few days. There has been a lot of speculation in terms of the effect this will have both long term and short term on the economy but the truth is, no matter how you voted, we simply don’t know what’s going to happen and that uncertainty is always difficult to deal with.

Saying that, I’ve always felt that no matter what your budget, not every luxury in life has to come with a huge price tag and happily, today’s post will show you how to create something that is actually really inexpensive but certainly doesn’t look or feel that way. Not only that, but the psychological effects of aromatherapy are well documented and so this may just help to ease anxiety and relax you!

DIY All Natural Fragrance Diffuser with Essential Oils

In my last #SwiftHomeHacks video that I created with Swiftcover, I’m sharing how to create a DIY fragrance diffuser using simple, natural ingredients. These are perfect if you don’t want to burn candles or insense or leave a stove top potpourri on or use any nasty chemical fragrances in your home. It’s completely natural using simply almond oil and essential oils and this little reed diffuser gives off a lovely subtle fragrance that will fill a room without overwhelming it.

DIY Fragrance Diffuser

You can check out the video to see how I make them here…

A few additional tips:

  • To help the fragrance move through the reeds, try turning the reeds around after an hour or so to allow gravity to do its thing!
  • If you are struggling to smell the diffuser or the reeds are not absorbing the oils, you can add a teaspoon or two of clear vodka to reduce the viscosity and make it easier for the oil to pass through the reeds.
  • Essential oils don’t throw off fragrance the way fine or commercial fragrances do so feel free to add a bit more than 100 or so drops as I have done. The amount of oils you need is relative to the size of your glass jar and you may need to slightly increase it if you’d like a more powerful fragrance.

Be sure to check out all the #SwiftHomeHacks here.Β For my previous videos, you can see those here.

I hope you liked the video! Is this something you would try? What do you use to relax in times of anxiety?

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Disclaimer: I’m collaborating with Swiftcover on their #SwiftHomeHacks campaign to bring you these fabulous DIY videos. As always, I only work with companies I really like and think you will too! Thanks for supporting the businesses that support Swoon Worthy!



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