You all know my obsession with marble-effect contact paper or sticky back plastic as it’s known here in the UK. I have used it throughout my home for various projects – you can see my marble topped chest of drawers, the floating vanity we created for the dressing room and my upcycled glam bread bin, all used with this amazing inexpensive product.

I’ve used it lots as you can see and I can’t really get enough of it given how gorgeous these projects look when they are done. My faux marble shelves above the bar cart seemed to be a favourite when I shared my dining room reveal and I’m so happy with how they came out. Best of all? It was CHEAP AND EASY. The best kinds of DIYs as we all know.

Looking for a cheap and easy way to update your interiors? Check out how to create a faux marble shelf by following my simple step-by-step DIY.

The sticky back plastic is a fairly easy product to work with but it can be frustrating at times because bubbles will form when you are applying it and that can cause your project to look less than perfect. However, I’ve learned a few tricks in using it which I’m sharing with you today, bearing in mind this will work on any flat surface to give you a fab finish.

Find out how to create a faux marble shelf with my super simple DIY

I am really excited to team up again with SwiftCover for their #SwiftHomeHacks campaign to show you exactly how I made these cute little shelves!

Follow my simple tutorial and find out how to create a faux marble shelf to display your favourite decorative items.

Eclectic glam dining room with graphic feature wallpaper, leopard print chairs, black and marble fireplace and gold light fixture

Here’s the video showing exactly how it’s done…

(Also, note the fireplace at this point wasn’t completed so I actually used the very same sticky back plastic to cover the ugly hole so that it wouldn’t look horrible on the day of filming – ha! See this stuff can be used anywhere!!)

A few other details…

Items used:

  • Pine shelving from B&Q (in store) and I cut mine down to 55cm x 20cm
  • Marble effect contact paper from Amazon* (affiliate link)
  • Brass brackets from House Doctor (only £12.50 for a pair!)

Similar marble shelves go for around £65 each but I made all three for less than £20 each! Bargain!

Follow my simple DIY and find out how to create a faux marble shelf to update your interiors

I hope you enjoyed the video and a huge thanks to Swiftcover for teaming up with me again!

Check out all the #SwiftHomeHacks videos here.

Have you used marble contact paper for your projects yet? And if so, what have you used it for? Go on, share, I’d love some more ideas…

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Disclaimer: I’m collaborating with Swiftcover on their #SwiftHomeHacks campaign to bring you these fabulous DIY videos. As always, I only work with companies I really like and think you will too! Thanks for supporting the businesses that support Swoon Worthy!

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