Thursday, 17 April 2014

Introducing at {mine} - Share, Discover and Curate Real Interiors

I was recently invited to become a member of a new social media platform specifically for lovers of interior design. Now you may be wondering if we really NEED another social media site as that was my first thought - with Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook - aren't those needs already fulfilled? It was only once I had a chance to really look around that I realised, yes, there was a place for at {mine} - because it's just for us home interior design lovin' folks.  Ooooh!!

What you will notice almost immediately is how beautifully the site is designed. And surely for design-loving folks, a stunning visual experience is a necessity.  The second thing I noticed quite quickly was how gorgeous and real the images really were. Here, people were sharing their own individual homes - not just pinning a picture of the latest home from Elle Decor, but the quirky and gorgeous interiors of every day people.

The other thing that makes this site different is that you are able to 'shop' another person's home. How many times have you seen a gorgeous interior and thought, 'Oh where did they get that?!' Well, now you don't have to ask. Each image is tagged with the shops the items are purchased from, allowing you to discover new home interior brands as well as seeing how these pieces fit into an interior design scheme.

Currently, the site is only open to a hand-picked number of 'taste makers', inspirational individuals, designers and brands so that once it's introduced to the general public, the site will already be filled with thousands of gorgeous images to oooh and awww over and of course, do a spot of shopping too!

Here's what my page looks like...

Happily, the creators of at {mine} have provided me with 10 invite codes for my fabulous readers (that's you guys!).

You will need to press the "Join Us" button on and insert the code SwoonworthyAtMine in the pop up window, and that will take the first 10 users straight through to registration.

If you are too late, you will still be signed up to be notified of the public launch so don't worry if you don't get in on time.

I have just been told I can have a few extra invites because these have gone so quickly - 
so if you are interested, please leave a comment including your email address 
and I'll see if I can get you an invite code! :)

Will you be joining me at mine?

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Sunday, 13 April 2014

The Reveal: My fancy-pants new TV Stand (Part II)

So you may remember that after quite a lot of searching, I finally found my perfect TV stand. Ah yes, a happy day that was.  The makeover began very soon after receiving it via courier and I have to say, I'm pretty chuffed with the final piece.

The makeover required a few things - sanding, priming and painting, replacing the clear glass with mirror, restoring the shine on the hardware and installing a shelf and a back to the unit.

We were pretty thrifty with the makeover - I actually didn't have to buy anything at all for it except for a glass cutter which was crazy inexpensive.  We ended up cutting the rather large mirror that used to be in our old bathroom to replace the glass.  We used this glass cutter to score it using the glass as a template and then it's just a matter of placing it against a piece of wood to leverage it and snap it (if you want to see a good tutorial for cutting glass and mirror check out Kelly's post - she explains it well!).

I also had primer and paint on hand for the bathroom remodel and we already had Brasso to shine up the hardware (which came up beautifully by the way).

Oh and we ended up creating a shelf out of the old pine headboard that used to be in the guest bedroom...

Easy peasy!  And the shelf actually gave the unit the stability we were looking for so we didn't bother with making a back for it. One less thing to do is fine by me.

Anyway, you are probably ready to see it in all it's glory, no?

Let's just first remind us of the 'before'....

And here she is in all her white and brassy and mirrory glory...

Another before and after? Oh go on then.


And after...

The only problem?  As expected, I feel like the chest of drawers on the other side just doesn't really work in the space any more. The black frame of the chest looked okay when there was more black and dark colours in the room but 3 years on, I think it may be time for a change for my little wallpapered chest of drawers.

The new unit also dwarfs the little dresser because of both it's height how far it sits out of the alcove (which is a little tough to see in this picture but trust me, it's noticeable). I am now rethinking what I might do with it - or if I should just replace it with something a little larger.  If I could find this unit's twin, I would happily get it to match the other side but I have a feeling my cabinet was very much a lucky find.

I think a large bookshelf in that corner might work well instead but the drawers are currently full of our DVD collection so I would need to figure out a decent storage solution for those.

It really never ends, does it?! ;)

Well, at least that corner is no longer the light sucker-outer it once was and that makes me very happy.

So what do you think of the new unit?  Have you painted any sassy furniture finds lately? Have your own tale of the Decorating Domino Effect? Do tell.

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Friday, 11 April 2014

True Confessions: Little Black Door's Fess Up Friday

When my gal pal Elizabeth from Little Black Door first asked me to take part in her rather fabulously revealing series, "Fess Up Fridays" - my first thought was OMG I FEEL LIKE A COOL KID!! Because she has so many awesome guests, it's a little mind-blowing.


And then I locked myself in the closet with a large pack of Oreo cookies and cried.

Once the cookies were demolished and I wiped the crumbs and tears combo from my puffy face (such a picture I paint for you guys), I realised, it's good to be real even if it's sometimes scary. To let people know that despite the pretty pictures, this is REAL life and REAL TIME decorating and while I'd love to have a magical fairy come to my home and sprinkle dust to finish every last project on our list, the truth is, we still have some way to go.

One of those things on our still-long checklist is our hallway - something I've not really shown before on the blog. Want to see it in all it's gory realness (including crap all over the floor?)?  Sure you do, you nosy parker you.

Hop on over to Elizabeth's Little Black Door and let me know I'm not alone.

Happy Weekend folks!

P.S. If you haven't entered my competition to win some fabulous designer gear, then you should enter now!

P.P.S. If you would be so kind as to vote for me, that would be rather swell too.

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