Finishing Touch Styling Service

Make Your Space Sparkle

It’s not just about the colour you put on your walls.

It’s about the little things that tell a story – your story.


It’s about filling in the gaps with things that make you smile, layering the plants, filling your frames with art or photos, adding your favourite candle scents, bringing your home to life.

Styling your home can be overwhelming, however. Where do you even start when pulling in those final finishing touches? With so many various items needed to create a well-styled home, many find the process too difficult to even start, allowing their surfaces to stay bare (or pile up with clutter! Nature abhors a vacuum after all) or buying a few items and then not knowing what to do with them.

My brand new finishing touches service will take the guesswork out of styling your home to create the coordinated space you’ve always dreamed of. The entire service from start to finish is done via email and items are all sourced online which means you don’t even have to leave your home to create your finished space. 

Is this service right for you?


If you’ve been staring at a space that’s nearly done but just doesn’t have that final flair, I can help! This isn’t full-service interior design which can be a costly time-consuming exercise but instead, it’s for those happy with the foundations of your room but somehow, it just doesn’t feel complete. The little things that bring personality and interest into a space are missing.

Perhaps you’ve reached a point in your decorating but stuck when it came to finally finishing that room because the choices out there are just too overwhelming and you don’t want to waste money.

Maybe getting the foundations right took every last bit of your energy and you simply don’t have the time or inclination to spend on the finer details.

You may have found that perfect sofa but what cushions would work best with the wall colour? You may love your bed but how do you style it so it gives it that boutique hotel luxe look you’re after? You may have put in open shelving in your kitchen but what would look best displayed?

If you see yourself in these, then this service is an easy way to relax, knowing that styling your room can be simple, quick and cost-effective!

Who this is not right for: If you are looking for a full-service interior designer who will assist in planning a full room renovation including choices in furniture, flooring, colour schemes and layout design, this service likely won’t provide everything you may need to complete your space. 

Perfect for new builds

Lacking those all-important character details, I can help you add the creative touches required to create warmth and timelessness.

Perfect for renters

Can’t touch your fixtures or fittings? Stuck with the plain furnishings of your landlord? I can work with what you have to create a personality-filled space just by adding a few simple touches. Best of all, all the items I choose can be taken with you if you move!

Perfect for first-time buyers

Getting your keys can be both exhilarating and terrifying! I’ll help you to create warm and cosy spaces with the final spices to bring your new home to life.

How The Service Works

The Consultation

We’ll start off with a questionnaire over email where we’ll cover what areas you’d like help styling, your budget and any special requirements. Once the questionnaire is completed, I’ll be asking you to send photos to make sure the items I choose for you blend seamlessly with your chosen style and personality. From the practical to the pretty, you can be sure your finishing touches fit your existing space beautifully.

The Edit

You can also send photos of the accessories, textiles or artwork you already own. I’ll help you work with what you already have and love in order to reduce your spending and make the most of your budget. Sometimes all it takes to see an old item in a whole new light is a change of context!

The Shopping List

I’ll then pull together a shopping list linked to online retailers with the art, accessories, soft furnishings and objects I’ve chosen to complete your space – all within in your chosen style and colour scheme. Along with that, I’ll share electronic mood boards and styling tips to make sure each piece makes your room sing.

The Finished Look

One round of edits is included in your price to make sure we’ve covered all your requirements. Then, with your shopping list and styling tips to hand, there’s no guesswork involved and you can finish your room at your own pace all within your chosen budget.

Hey, I’m Kimberly!

I’ve spent nearly a decade honing my own decorating skills and I’ve styled hundreds of products from brands and businesses in lifestyle imagery that has gone on to be shared across everything from major newspapers to social media feeds to marketing materials and beyond. The styled spaces in my home have graciously appeared in countless magazines as well as in four different interior design books.

I’ve always shared what I’ve learned about decorating and styling with hundreds of thousands of readers across the globe on my blog, Swoon Worthy. However, I know not everyone wants to take a DIY approach and so I’m finally offering an electronic service that lets you relax, knowing that those all-important finishing touches will be taken care of, creating the final space you’ve always dreamed of. 


Living Room


Kitchen or Dining Room




Bathroom or Hallway


Open Plan Areas

2 Spaces £300

3 Spaces £350

Please note, this is not a full interior design service. This is a styling-only service to help you finish off your existing room. A minimum styling budget of £500 per room is required (£300 for bathrooms or hallways).

This service is currently only open to UK residents. I may open up the service in the future to other countries so if you’d be interested in the service in your country, please use the contact form below.

Before and After 

Nazia’s flat had plenty of great features and she had some wonderful foundation pieces – she just needed help with those all-important details that really make a room feel complete. Using my styling tips and accessory suggestions, her home came alive, creating a warm and inviting space for cosy evenings at home and entertaining friends.

I always thought I wouldn’t struggle with styling a room but when it finally came to it, I found it incredibly difficult to create in reality, what I saw in my head. There was so much choice and it all became very overwhelming.

I can’t put into words how much I LOVE my flat now. I absolutely love coming home every night and have received so many compliments from everyone that has ever visited. Kimberly was an absolute pleasure to work with, she completely understood my style from the get go and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Nazia V.

Thanks to a rather overwhelming launch day, all the early bird spots have been filled.

Get on the waiting list to receive a special promotional discount and to be the first contacted when more spots are available! 

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