give in to life’s little rituals

Turn your Swoon Worthy Scents candle into a powerful olfactory short cut to feeling good.

what is olfactory memory?

We have all experienced it. Someone walks past us on the street and the scent of their perfume takes us back years ago to an old flame. The scent of a certain spice transports us back to that amazing restaurant we went to whilst on holiday years before. The scent of pencils, chalk or certain foods take us right back to nostalgic memories of our childhood.

Such is the beauty of olfactory memory. A single whiff of scent and your brain brings to life the tones, textures, and emotions of a past experience with a vividness not achieved through words or pictures.

Here’s the interesting part… Scent can not only allow us to recall memory and the positive associations and emotions we feel with those memories, but it also has the power to create new scent-emotion associations too.

a trigger for positive emotions

The goal? Turn your favourite Swoon Worthy Scents candle into a trigger for positive emotions so that every time you light your candle, it becomes a shortcut to an emotion you want to feel or an activity you want to do.

Called ‘olfactory priming’, you have the power to turn your candle into an invisible happy drug. 

rituals, scent and wellbeing

Research shows that performing rituals can be good for our mental health. They can increase our confidence, encourage creativity, make us perform better or give us focus. Our rituals can include anything we do over and over in the same way that makes us feel good, that’s positive to our lives, that makes us feel happy, secure, rested, calm.

When we associate a scent with those rituals, we’ll create our own brain’s shortcut to that emotion by training our brains to associate specific scents to the positive things we do in our lives.

Choose your candle, choose your activity or ritual and create a positive association between the two. After a while, whenever you smell that candle, you know you’re going to feel good. 

which candle will you choose for your own little ritual?

life's little rituals in action


premium home fragrances from world-class perfumers and beautifully presented to indulge yourself or others


clean-burning natural plant-based wax, recycled and recyclable packaging with no plastics used

hand poured

from our home to yours, every candle is carefully poured by hand in small batches in Shrewsbury, Shropshire

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