Welcome to my House Tour.  We've lived in our Edwardian home (built in 1906) since June 2010.  During the time we've lived here, we've tried our best to make it reflect our own personalities (yes, Wayne's as well!) without spending a lot of money and tackling all the work with our own two hands.  So getting big style on a small budget (and getting our hands dirty in the process) is what we're all about.  Although I do believe every room should have at least one splurge to make it a little special!

Bear in mind, it's so totally not done yet.  But then, I wouldn't think to not have guests in our home despite the fact it's not done so why not welcome my virtual friends inside as well?

Want to see a quick tour of the living room, dining room and kitchen in a flip book?  Click here.

So, on that note, welcome to the tour...

Come on in...

We're only at very early stages of the front remodel but here's the progress so far...

Outside Entrance

Living Room

Dining Room




Master Bedroom

Dressing Room

Guest Bedroom

This room is currently in progress of a complete revamp! Stay tuned...

The Cellar (aka The Man Cave)

Back Garden

(Still lots to do!)

Well, I hope you've enjoyed our little tour today! There is still so much to do so lots more to come!

Hope you decide to keep following us on our little journey!  You can follow our progress by clicking on those little social media buttons above or follow via Facebook, Twitter or Bloglovin'.  So now there's no excuse to miss a thing.
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