Despite one freaky day last weekend where temperatures inexplicably hovered in the 20s and then dropped 10 degrees the following day, I feel fairly confident that it’s officially Autumn here in the UK. My back garden is full of leaves, the sun is setting earlier in the evenings and I’m using more candles in a week than I did for the whole of the summer. As far as seasons go, I do quite love these chillier months, especially given how beautiful our summer has been here in the UK and I’m feeling ready for snuggly jumpers and boots and layers of clothing.

Much like swapping out my wardrobe, I do like a bit of a swap around the house to get myself in full ‘nesting’ mode in the colder months. There is plenty you can do to give your home a little bit of a refresh for the season and to give it a visual warmth that you simply wouldn’t need to do during the summer. While you certainly don’t have to spend money to redecorate each season, sometimes purchasing a few cosy bits when the weather changes feels like a nice treat and I admit, a new throw or a couple of cushions that will get plenty of use over the coming months will go a long way in injecting a bit of Autumn style into my home.

Pink bedroom with linen bedding and breakfast in bed on tray

For today’s post, I’m teaming up with CollectPlus who have recently partnered with one of my favourite brandsMADE. Now, you don’t have to wait in for your packages or worry about missing a delivery. With CollectPlus, there are more than 7000 different collection points throughout the country where your delivery can be safely left and as these points are normally open 7 days a week and with many of them offering later hours, you never have to worry about a missed parcel again.

CollectPlus Deliveries are now available with MADE

My local CollectPlus location is literally about a 2-minute walk from my house (you can find out where your closest location is here) so if I need to pop out or I have an appointment, it’s super convenient for me to simply stop by on my way home to pick up the packages. And while this may be unique to my own situation, my dog gets super stressed out by couriers (barks and barks like his castle is being attacked by marauders) and so sometimes I’ll even use CollectPlus if I’m going to be home, just to save Quito the stress of a stranger coming to the door!

pink bed against black and white wall mural with gold accents

CollectPlus works with loads of retailers as well – not just MADE but also with other big name brands like John Lewis and M&S so keep an eye out for that option when making any purchases. While I work from home, for those of you who don’t, there’s no chance of a missed package during the day while you are at work or the stress of waiting in all day for the courier, of having to book time off or hoping a neighbour will be nice enough to take it for you! You can make your pickup in the evening after work or at the weekends – whenever it’s convenient for you. I also found with MADE, it was a cheaper delivery option, reducing my delivery charges from £15 to £9 – so there is a nice bit of savings as well as convenience.

boho glam bedroom with wall mural and pink black and gold accents with linen bedding

I recently shared my bedroom makeover here on the blog which included a beautiful new pink bed from MADE and I’m still rather in love with the whole set up so I thought I’d pick up a few more things from MADE to make it a bit more snuggly for winter.

rose pink linen bedding from MADE

I’ve always loved good quality bed linens and would always recommend buying the best quality you can afford. After all, you are putting the fabric right next to your skin for hours and it really makes for a better sleeping experience when you aren’t using scratchy or cheaply produced fabrics. Now, I’ve recently been totally converted to linen bedding – I utterly adore the feel of it and it just gets softer and better with age so the more you wash it, the cosier it becomes.

breakfast on tray on pink bed with magazines

It also has the ability to regulate your body temperature throughout the night. This is a naturally breathable fabric so you’ll feel warmer in winter and cooler in summer – the perfect transition as we move to colder months and happily, good quality linen bedding will last for years. I picked up MADE’s Brisa 100% Soft washed linen bedding in dusty pink which is the perfect investment piece for my bedroom and happily, comes in lots of beautiful colours too.

pink mongolian fur cushion on pink linen bedding

Keeping with the ‘pink’ theme (I know, I can’t help myself, alright?!), I also chose one of my favourite textures for the colder months to add to the bed. The Haddie Mongolian Fur Cushion is so soft and so snuggly that I just basically want to spend the rest of the winter with my face squashed against it. Utter bliss!

breakfast in bed on pink bedding in boho glam bedroom

Autumn and winter are my favourite seasons for adding lots of extra texture to my home and while I love a bit of faux fur, you can also use velvet (another favourite!), wool, knitted fabrics and even some soft aged leather to add a bit of warmth (both visual and literal) to your home.

breakfast in bed on pink linen with gold coffee press

Not specifically for Autumn but perfect for weekend duvet days when it’s chucking it down with rain and you don’t fancy venturing outdoors, I also decided the Clover Acacia Wood Breakfast Tray was the perfect treat for a little ‘me’ (or ‘us’) time! Curling up on a soggy morning in bed with a few favourite magazines, a cup of warming coffee and a scented candle burning nearby has to be one of my favourite pastimes and this tray makes it so much easier to indulge yourself and get comfy under the duvet.

breakfast on tray on pink bed with magazines

And finally, I absolutely adore candles any time of year but they really come into their own during the winter. As we are so much more reliant on artificial light at this time of year, layering your lighting in all forms is a great way to create a cosy vibe. For me, as soon as the sun goes down, I love to light a few candles to create an amazing warming ambience.

pink bed against black and white wall mural with gold accents

MADE has a great selection of their own brand candles but I chose the Pop candle which has notes of sweet jasmine and bergamot in a gorgeous ceramic base that can easily be reused once the candle is spent.

black and white wall mural with pink bed and pink linen bedding with cat curled up on top of bed

So that’s how I’ve kitted out my bedroom for the Autumn months with MADE products and with the help of CollectPlus. I think Meisha approves but I’d love to know – are you as in love with linen bedding as I am?! What will you be doing to add a bit of cosy Autumn vibes into your home this year? And of course, is CollectPlus a service you would use? Let me know in the comments!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by CollectPlus and I received items free from MADE in exchange for my post and affiliate links have been used. As always, I only work with brands I really like and think you’ll like too! Thanks for supporting the brands that support Swoon Worthy.


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