I can’t even begin to express how excited I am to be FINALLY sharing a room reveal on my blog. And not just a quickie paint job but an honest-to-goodness makeover. It’s the first one I’ve done in far too long and while I’ve been working with what we have and the decorative choices of the previous owners since we moved in at the end of March, we’ve finally gotten to the point where we can really tackle some of the nitty-gritty that I really like doing.

Sheltie dog on pink bed

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The funny thing is, I’d actually only intended this to be a sort of ‘Phase I’ of the bedroom – new paint, new lighting and a wall mural were my only plans and I figured at some point down the line, we’d get a new bed and then I can get on with everything else I wanted to do. Well, the lovely folks at Made came to help me out with a new bed and I couldn’t be more grateful. Suddenly, I was no longer hampered by the bright yellow velvet that’s been a part of my bedroom scheme for years and it enabled me to pull together a new colour scheme that I loved – black, white, gold, grey and rose pink. Needless to say, I adore the new bed but I’ll get into details in just a second.

The Before

bengal cat on pink bed

Meisha trying out the new bed before the work was completed. 

When you last saw the room, we had just finished having the electrics replaced in a few of the rooms. We’ll be completing the re-wiring of the rest of the house once the extension gets underway but at least this meant we could move forward with a few rooms. The bedroom wall behind the bed was the most challenging aspect of the whole makeover. Channels had to be dug into them on two sides for the pendant lights, new switch plates and sockets installed as well. Wayne was able to plaster the holes left behind but after initially using a ‘paste the paper’ lining paper and it being a complete disaster (remind me never to use the stuff again), I ended up tearing it all down off the wall and then we were left with even more remedial work to make the wall sound enough to repaper.

electrical work aftermath channels dug out

I did a lot of paint and wallpaper scraping over the last week and we ended up knocking out a lot more of the wall where it was loose (well they are nearly 130 years old) and then refilling and patching everywhere. While I didn’t take many pics of the progress I figured I’d share a few so you can see just how far this wall has come!

Then came the sanding down and finally making sure the wall was free of dust, dirt and any remaining peeling paint. The prep work is never pretty or fun but is really necessary because I knew the base for the mural had to be in great shape. Eventually, once this was done, I hung a different lining paper (it was this one and I would highly recommend it) which was a breeze to put up and gave us the smoothest base for finally getting the wall mural up and of course, the rest of the room finished.

So…. (drumroll) here’s what it’s looking like now…

The After

black and white wall mural bedroom with pink bed and gold accents

So let’s talk about that wall mural shall we? It’s by Rebel Walls and it’s called Jungle Land. Honestly, the quality is just outstanding (and no, this isn’t sponsored) and I was able to hang it in around 3 hours – super quick, super easy. Talk about wow-factor, though. I adore it and it created exactly the right look for the rest of the room. The space is pretty big and so I knew I needed something that created an instant impact and this certainly does that.

black and white wall mural with pink bed and black and gold bedside table

Another change from my original plan is the paint colour. I decided, rather on impulse, to just paint the room white – I figured it’d be a good neutral base for everything else and while I may change the colour in the future, I am quite liking the bright simplicity of it for now.

jungle glam bedroom with wall mural and cow hide rug in pink black and gold

The bedside tables are the same ones I’ve had for the last 5 years (they were an IKEA RAST hack) and at some point, I may look at getting some larger chests on either side of the bed but I actually quite like them here for now. They look sharp against the mural and the black and gold fixtures really stand out.

bedside table detail with pink accessories

I finished off with a set of butterfly prints I’d picked up locally from Workshop in Shrewsbury and the peach plant pot you see above is also from there. I also picked up that cute faux plant at HomeSense. The candle is from Chase and Wonder. The hanging pendants were purchased on sale from Swoon Editions at half price (!) and they were with me within days which I thought was great. They are a beautiful rose tinted glass and tie in so nicely with the colour of the bed. The brass switch plates create a lovely symmetrical finish in gold and give it a bit of a hotel vibe.

bedside table in black and gold with pink bed and wall mural

Aside from the mural, the other star of the room is the gorgeous Tilia bed from Made.com, designed by Smith Matthias. I’d been looking for the perfect bed for ages and this gorgeous thing landed in my inbox in a press release. I was immediately drawn to the design – it’s simple but those channels give it an extra depth and I love how it subtly wraps around at the headboard. The rest of the bed is finished in the same fabric – a lovely warm textured material in the perfect rose pink.

pink bed with cushions in burgundy and grey

I was so grateful when Made agreed to provide the bed for our little makeover. I have loved working with them over the years and the quality of their products is wonderful so I’m always recommending them! As for choosing a pink bed? Well, I knew if I couldn’t have pink walls, I was going to sneak it into the scheme anyway. Thankfully, Wayne loves it too! Whew!

jungle glam bedroom in black white and gold with pink bed

The bedding, throw and dark grey cushion are from the lovely folks at Christy which you may recall were originally intended for our guest bedroom but I fell in love with all of it and so now it graces our own room. The other cushions I’ve had for a little while.

jungle glam bedroom in black white and gold with pink bed

One of the things that I knew would finish off the room perfectly was a large ceiling rose. If there had been one here originally, it’d been removed long before but I knew to reinstate it would be the perfect contrast to the more contemporary light fitting (which you may recall was originally in our old dining room). The lovely folks at Plaster Ceiling Roses had gotten in touch a few months before and were gracious enough to send me this large Athancus Leaf beauty – it’s over 700mm wide so it’s perfect for the size of the space but they have a huge selection in different styles and sizes.

boho jungle glam bedroom with pink bed and pendant lights

The shipping of such a large fragile piece was effortless and quick and we were able to fix it using screws into the ceiling joists and No More Nails. It was then finished off with some decorator’s caulk and a bit of white paint. I love that it looks like it’s always been there!

vintage chest of drawers with large artwork and glam accessories

I was of course, able to use a lot of items I already had so you may recognise many of the pieces in here. The cowhide rug (originally in my old dining room and later, it was moved to my old living room – it’s truly versatile!) was a great finishing piece in the large space and I also added a white sheepskin and a Mongolian sheepskin to the other side. I’d initially thought I’d want one big rug in here but as I haven’t found anything I really liked, I think the layered look works pretty well.

vintage hoop chairs in bay window of Victorian house

In the bay window, I’ve got my two vintage hoop chairs, my old burgundy curtains (another IKEA hack from years ago) and I added an inexpensive large faux bamboo. I went a little crazy with both faux and real plants in here which tie in nicely with the ‘jungle glam’ theme!

faux and real plants in gold pot with black and gold bedside table

My vintage chest of drawers remains as does my Marie print but the addition of the lamp and some accessories freshened up this corner just a bit. The ceramic room diffuser was a recent gift from Miller Harris who has recently launched a home fragrance collection. It just fills the whole room with a glorious floral scent – it’s so important to think about all your senses when decorating a space, even smell.

chest of drawers detail

In the alcove to the right in the room, I decided to hang my trio of black and gold prints from The Curious Department and my large round mirror (on the chimney breast) finishes off that side of the room. In the opposite alcove is our 2-door black wardrobe that we had in our old house.

boho jungle glam bedroom with pink bed and pendant lights

mirror reflection of jungle glam bedroom

I genuinely couldn’t be happier with how the bedroom has turned out. It finally feels like a room of our own and I have no doubt that once work starts downstairs, we’re going to really appreciate having this lovely finished space to escape all the dust and mayhem going on!

Sheltie dog on pink bed with black and white wall mural and gold accents

I think Quito approves but I’d love to know what you think about the room makeover! Any favourite part? Would you consider a large wall mural for one of your rooms? Let me know in the comments below!


Pink bed with black and white wall mural bedroom makeover

I’ve linked to as many things as I could below and apologies because much of it is years old but I’ve linked to similar where I was able to. An asterisk indicates a gifted item either from this makeover or ones from the past! If I’ve missed anything, just let me know in the comments!

Wall Mural / Bed* / Duvet Cover Set* / Linen Bedding* / Grey Velvet Throw* / Blush Pink Cushion* / Burgundy Velvet Cushion (similar) / Cowhide Rug* / Mongolian Sheepskin Runner* / White Sheepskin Throw* / Bedside Tables (IKEA hack) / Glass Pendant Lights / Main Pendant Light / Ceiling Rose* / Brushed Brass Light Switches / Butterfly Prints / Marie Print / Black and Gold Prints* / Large Round Mirror (similar) / Hoop Chairs (vintage – these are similar) / Chest of Drawers (vintage) / Brass cranes – vintage (similar) / Black and Gold Crocodile Candle* / Reed Diffuser* / Flower Lady Candle* / Pineapple Wall Sconces / Palm Tree Lamp / Peach Plant PotBrass Raised Planters* / Faux Monstera / Faux Bamboo / Faux Palm*

Disclaimer: Huge thanks to Made.com and Plaster Ceiling Roses for providing their gorgeous wares for this makeover and of course, all the lovely businesses listed above that have gifted items to me in the past that I’ve been able to use in this space. As always, I only work with brands I really love and think you’ll love too. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Swoon Worthy.


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