In my last post, I talked about simple things that give your home a little lift in the winter months. And let me tell you, I’ve really needed it. The last couple weeks have been a struggle for me – the weather has been typical for the time of year – grey and rainy, barely a glimpse of the sun and I’m more convinced than ever that I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. Add to that the stresses of selling our home and buying another and everything that comes with that as well as trying to take care of myself both physically and mentally (another birthday will be rolling up this week and I stopped looking forward to them years ago) and of course, normal work responsibilities and I’m finding myself needing a bit of a lift this time of year more than ever.

boho glam bedroom in black yellow and blush pink

While it may seem strange for someone who is looking at packing up her whole house and moving it in the next month (fingers crossed) to be bringing new cushions into her home, but I promise you, it’s entirely required, if only mentally. Small decorative items give me joy and styling them in my home and shooting them for posts provide a welcome distraction. Of course, the grey dark days aren’t particularly great for photography – I love to shoot in natural light and when it’s dark even in mid-day, it’s a challenge. But I really really wanted to share this new shop with you because it gave me the lift I needed on a grey January day.

boho glam bedroom in black yellow and blush pink

When Rachael of Oh What’s This contacted me, it was about her new launch. She’d had decided to give her old website the boot which gave her the opportunity to relaunch her wares on a beautiful new site and let me tell you, I was smitten as soon as I started to peruse the redesigned website. There were so many things I was mentally adding to the shopping basket in my head that I knew I wanted to tell you guys about it too.

boho glam bedroom in black yellow and blush pink

OWT is a lifestyle. It’s for those who seek a life less ordinary. It’s for the style-obsessed interior lovers who give boring the finger. ~ Racheal | Oh What’s This

Rachael shares my passion for beautiful homeware with a bit of an American vibe – it’s a little glam, it’s a little boho, it’s definitely eclectic. She stocks tonnes of cushions in fabrics I know that you can only get in the US (and pay extortionate custom/duty fees on) as well as an incredible selection of furniture, art, accessories and lighting that I’ve not seen anywhere else.

But,Β I thought to myself, will the quality actually hold up in person? I decided to try out two of Rachael’s gorgeous Live Love Smile cushions to find out. Now, I’m so picky when it comes to cushions but after clearing out about 80% of my collection (given to friends and family as well as donating to charity), I have been left with a rather small selection of favourites that I find myself reaching for again and again in my styling. I wanted to add a few more to my collection to keep things fresh and let me tell you, Oh What’s This delivered – literally and figuratively.

The first cushion I chose was a gorgeous soft linen cushion made from Kate Spade fabric with a dalmatian print. It also comes in a soft blush colour which is stunning. But I chose the linen colour because I knew would look beautiful combined favourite leopard print cushions. Which, by the way, are also stocked on the Oh What’s This website – the very same ones I have in Braemore Jamil Natural velvetΒ that I had to get shipped from the States.

boho glam bedroom in black yellow and blush pink

The second cushion was one I’ve wanted for a while. While I may not be buying that blush pink chair I was dreaming about, I did want a dusty pink velvet cushion as part of my collection and this one hit all the marks. It’s incredibly plush in a heavyweight fabric and filled with a gorgeous feather insert. I think it would work equally as well with my burgundy velvet cushions in my living room and happily, she stocks those too.

boho glam bedroom in black yellow and blush pink

Can I just stop here and say how much I am LOVING this colour combo of mustard yellow with soft dusty pink, gold and black? OMG. I added a few soft pink faux flowers and some pale pink accessories to the bedroom whilst styling and now I’m thinking I really want this colour combo somewhere when we move.

Anyway, back to the point at hand. I decided to share some of my other favourites with you from Oh What’s This because there are so many more pieces that I adored. It’s truly a treasure-trove of eclectic boho glam homewares and prices range from a few pounds right up to luxury products so there is really something for everyone, no matter what you’re budget.

I’d recommend heading straight to ‘Shop By Style’ in the top header navigation for a wonderful overview whether you love your boho picks with a touch of luxe or you are a gold lover just like me.

Wild at Heart Blush Black Mustard Gold Edit

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I had so much fun going through Oh What’s This and finding some gorgeous items but there is just so much more to be found. So now it’s your turn – any favourites of the items I’ve chosen? Do you buy pretty cushions to kick the January blues to the curb too? Let me know in the comments.

Disclaimer: This post is a paid collaboration with Oh What’s This but as always, all opinions, thoughts, poor attempts at humour and pictures are my own. I only work with brands I love and think you’ll like too! Thanks so much for supporting the businesses that support Swoon Worthy.

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