I know, I know, everyone is shaking their heads in disbelief that it’s actually December already and OH MY GAWD WASN’T IT JUST SUMMER? Yeah, I’m feeling it too. But well, here we are at the very end of the year and I’m writing my final post to you of 2018!

Top 5 Posts on Swoon Worthy for 2018

In fact, I’ve written 95 blog posts this year so that’s a lot of content over the course of 12 months and that includes a self-imposed slow-down during the month we moved house (March) as well as the middle of the summer.  However, I always like to take a little look back at what posts you guys seemed to like the most and so I figured I’d share the 5 most popular posts that were written in 2018. Now, bear in mind, these aren’t my most popular posts of the year. I know that sounds strange but I have lots of older content that seems to still resonate with lots of people and so they find themselves on those posts from either Pinterest or Google year after year. We’re just concentrating on 2018 here. Shall we have a look?

My Bedroom Makeover

Eclectic boho glam jungle bedroom makeover in black white gold and pink

Jungle Glam: The Reveal of our Master Bedroom Makeover – I’m not actually surprised that this came in at the top spot. It was probably one of my favourites as well because I know how much everyone likes a good reveal. It was also the first room we properly remodelled in our new home and needless to say, I’m still rather in love with it.

Raised Plant Stand Roundup

Gold Plant Stand on Black Console with Leigh Viner Print and Gold Accents

12 of the Best Raised Plant Stands – I was more surprised by this one! Seems you all like a good looking plant stand as much as I do!

Empty House Tour

Empty pink room with wood floorboards in Victorian House

First Look at the New House: Empty Room Tour & Layout – I suppose after me banging on about moving for months in advance, the anticipation was well and truly built up when I finally shared our new (to us) home for the very first time.

Are You Addicted?

12 Signs You Might Be An Interior Design Addict

12 Signs You Might Be Addicted to Interiors – I’m actually rather pleased this post found it’s way to one of the top spots this year! It was fun and cheeky and so many of you resonated with the quirky things we interior addicts are prone to do.

Bathroom Update on a Budget

Black bathroom refresh on a budget

My Boho Glam Black Bathroom Budget Refresh – Everyone likes a good budget makeover, right? With just a bit of paint and a few accessories, I gave my bathroom a brand new look and you guys seemed to like the finished result!

Also in the top 10? Creating a Guest Bedroom with No Money (another budget makeover!) / Are Bloggers Just a Bunch of Freeloaders? (hot topic but you guys were SO supportive!) / How to Style a Shelving Unit (loved doing this one plus there’s a GIF too!) / DIY Wood Wick Candles (nice gift idea!)

So if you haven’t read up on those posts, that should keep you busy for the next couple weeks as I take some time off for Christmas and New Year! I’ll be back with more in 2019 of course sharing all the ups and downs of working on our home – there’s SO much in store! We’ve got our living room remodel coming up plus (if we can find a contractor!!), we’ll hopefully be doing the kitchen/diner extension next year too!

Pink gold and white flocked Christmas tree decorated in plum room

In the meantime, I just wanted to say thank you once again for all your support this year! May your festive season sparkle and shine! I just wanted you to know that I’m grateful for each and every one of you who have popped by my blog this year, for sharing my content, for leaving comments, for sending me emails, for dropping me messages on social media and for everyone who just quietly visits.  I wish you the merriest of Christmases and a Happy New Year if you celebrate or, if you don’t, an amazing end of the year! See you on the other side! *buries face in mince pie*

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